Backyard Gazebos Bolster Outdoor Living

By Laura Miller | April 17, 2021
Image by irina88w
by Laura Miller
April 17, 2021

After a long day working in the yard, hubby and I love to sit and relax as the sun sets on our little corner of the world. Nothing seems to cure the aches and pains from a day of yard work like watching darkness descend on the fruits of our labor, whether it’s a freshly mowed lawn or a weed-free flowerbed. Unfortunately, these evening sessions were always cut short. 

It seemed no sooner than we got comfortable, we would be chased inside by biting mosquitoes. Then one spring, a local discount store offered backyard gazebos for sale. As I studied the pictures on the box, I became intrigued. The 10 by 10 foot (3×3 m.) canvas-topped gazebo was reasonably priced and included a bug screen.

Shelter With Benefits

What really sold me was the small triangular shelf attached to each corner of the metal and cloth gazebo. I knew they were there for support, but to me the shelves were the perfect summer-resting place for my indoor plants. I immediately envisioned myself sitting bug-free in this gazebo, surrounded by luscious houseplants.

Needless to say, I left the store that day with one of the backyard gazebos in my cart. As a totally impulsive purchase, I couldn’t help but wonder if the long heavy box would even fit in the car! Luckily it did and with Father’s Day right around the corner, I told my husband the garden gazebo was a gift was for him. 

The metal and cloth gazebo didn’t stay in the box for long. It was fairly easy to assemble and we were soon sitting in plastic lawn chairs enjoying a bug-free evening for the first time since we bought our house. Yet as I sat there, I made an unexpected realization.

And Even More Comfort

We needed gazebo furniture! Never having the opportunity to sit outside and really enjoy our patio, we hadn’t invested in comfortable outdoor seating. It didn’t take long for me to convince hubby of the need to spend 10 times the cost of the garden gazebo for a nice set of patio furniture. (Or did it?)

The canvas-topped gazebo soon became our hub of outdoor living. Not only did we seek refuge from evening insects, but it was a cool, breezy spot to escape the hot, midday rays of the sun. It was also the perfect complement to grilling outdoors. No flies hovering around our plates as we ate and no need to check the beverage cans for bees before drinking.

The Gazebo Evolves

The metal and cloth gazebo became a true outdoor room, complete with a rubber paving-tile floor and a decorative rug. And hubby hung strands of battery-operated string lights around the inside perimeter. We not only have a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the outdoors, but also to entertain our guests.  

And of course, my houseplants loved it too! The canvas top provides shade from above and the bug screen filters the sunlight streaming through the sides. When I think back to the day I bought it, I would never have imagined a simple canvas-topped gazebo could be the perfect addition to our backyard. Score one for impulse buying!

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