Growing Bamboo For Good Luck

By Laura Miller | February 5, 2022
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by Laura Miller
February 5, 2022

I’ve never considered myself to be a lucky person. I’ve never hit the lottery or found a bag of cash lying in the road. I’m none the richer for all the raffle tickets I purchased to support good causes. So when it comes to plants, I gladly throw scientific intellect aside and try any that claim to bring me good fortune.

How to Care for Lucky Bamboo

Among the plants I’ve grown that are reputed to bring good luck, one of my favorites is lucky bamboo. This member of the Dracaena genus is not technically a bamboo plant, but it has thick stems and long pointed leaves, which makes it look quite similar. I find growing lucky bamboo plants adds an element of interest to my home decor.

More importantly, caring for lucky bamboo is quite easy. Although it can be planted in soil, lucky bamboo is often purchased as rooted stems growing in pebbles and water. Much like caring for a goldfish in a bowl, I simply change the water in the vase weekly and my lucky bamboo continues to grow and thrive in its watery home.

Cultivated in Asia for more than 4000 years and often used in Feng Shui, lucky bamboo plants like diffused sunlight and are best located away from bright windows. Both the placement of lucky bamboo in the house and the number of stalks present affects the Feng Shui meaning and good fortune afforded by this lucky plant. 

Growing Lucky Bamboo Plants for Good Fortune

Does growing Lucky Bamboo plants really make me feel lucky? To be honest, lucky bamboo hasn’t made me any richer, wiser or more energetic. But then again, my plants aren’t located correctly for the art of Feng Shui. In my house, plants crowd my windows and bright spots. The lucky bamboo dwells where I have room for it.

However, if I had wanted to practice Feng Shui, lucky bamboo would be located near my house’s entrance to bring energy into the home. I could place it on my desk to help promote my career or in my home’s relationship corner to create harmony with loved ones.

I would also pay more attention to the number of bamboo stalks in the vase. Two are ideal for prompting good luck in love, while six influences opportunities for wealth. Growing lucky bamboo plants with seven stalks is desirable for good health and personal growth.

Like most my houseplants, I simply enjoy the aesthetic beauty of my lucky bamboo plant.  As for moving it to a luckier location? No, thanks. It seems quite happy where it is and that makes me feel like one lucky gardener.

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