Fragrant Houseplants: Best Smelling Houseplants You Should Grow

By Bonnie Grant | January 4, 2021
Image by dianazh
by Bonnie Grant
January 4, 2021

If you love the scent of fresh flowers, grow fragrant plants for indoors. Their bright to intoxicating aromas will freshen the home and add a note of the outdoors. Houseplants also purify the air, removing toxins and emitting oxygen and moisture. Try some of these best smelling houseplants for fragrance and beauty in your home. 

Houseplants That Smell Good

Houseplants give and give. With their ability to cleanse the air and lasting beauty, plants bring the outside in and provide a natural way to scent your home. You won’t need air fresheners or ozone purifiers to mask smelly odors. Just grow some of the best smelling houseplants around, and I’ll share my favorites below. 

Ditch those artificially scented air fresheners and candles. Your houseplants have more than detoxing air in their repertoire. Choosing fragrant plants for indoors helps remove bad odors and replaces them with floral or citrus tones. The scents of many fragrant plants for indoors, such as lavender, can even help you sleep – and most of us could use a good night’s sleep. Others are herbs that will perfume and flavor your food dishes – yummy. Before you bring in a scented plant, make sure it isn’t toxic, especially if you have children or pets. Additionally, for most of these plants to bloom, you need warm temperatures and bright light. 

Cool Season Fragrant Houseplants

Most houseplants flower in spring, summer, and sometimes fall. Paper white is an exception that will bloom in winter and doesn’t even need soil. You can find these as kits with pebbles, the bulb, and usually a clear glass container. In just weeks, you can enjoy the starry white flowers and delicate scent. 

Citrus trees will often start putting out blooms in late winter to early spring. Other flowering plants can be jump started by forcing or using a grow light. However, you don’t need flowers to bring in lovely scent. Dwarf eucalyptus, sweet bay plants, and herbs like mint or rosemary will perfume the home too – ooh, la-la. 

Best Smelling Houseplants

Specimens with ease of care, moderate growth rates, and perfumed blooms are the natural way to scent your home. Houseplants that smell good will also appeal to the eye. Here are my favorite fragrant plants to bring inside:

  • Jasmine Jasmine will grow in a container slowly, starry deeply scented blooms
  • Scented Geranium Scented geranium has airy foliage and spicy flowers
  • Gardenia Gardenia is known for its flower’s scent, the glossy leaves are attractive too. 
  • Scented Begonia – Scented begonia are perfect for low light situations with copious flowers
  • Madagascar Jasmine – Although not a true jasmine, Madagascar jasmine has a similar appearance and smell
  • Chocolate Orchid – Chocolate orchid has brown and white flowers that also smell of cacao beans
  • Plumeria Plumeria is a bit finicky, but the gorgeous aroma of the blooms is worth it

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