The ‘Black Beauty’ Tomato

By Amy Grant | July 11, 2022
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by Amy Grant
July 11, 2022

My Dad could live on tomato sandwiches. He grew up during WWII so of course his family had a Victory garden — one which included tomatoes. Every day during the tomato peak he would have a tomato sandwich on his Mother’s homemade bread. 

Tomatoes in Sandwiches

Fast forward 77 years later and the guy still cannot get enough of a fresh tomato sandwich. Given that he is in his 80’s he doesn’t grow his own produce anymore, so we do it for him. Every year I provide him with big, luscious tomatoes for his sandwiches. 

This year I decided to switch it up. Normally I grow some beefsteak or Roma tomatoes that are red to red/pink, some heirlooms and some not. This year I discovered a black tomato that by all accounts is incredibly tasty. 

Black Beauty Tomatoes

Black tomatoes aren’t really black in color, but are so dark they appear to be black/blue or a very deep purple. The variety I’m going to grow is called ‘Black Beauty,’ said to be one of the darkest tomatoes around. 

While the color might come as somewhat of a shock to Dad, he may be gratified to know that the Black Beauty heirloom is incredibly nutrient rich. It has high concentrations of anthocyanin, the same antioxidant in blueberries or blackberries 

The exterior is indeed as dark as a tomato can get (a deep blue/black) but with deep red flesh on the interior of the fruit. The flavor is said to be rich and savory. This beefsteak tomato is also purported to store well and the flavor actually improves when kept at room temp. 

This beauty should be ready for show and tell in about 80 days. I can only imagine what my Dad will say when I present him with a basket of black tomatoes! Stay tuned. I’ll let you know. 

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