Daylilies Add A Splash Of Cheerful Orange

By Mary Ellen Ellis | October 2, 2021
Image by TonyBaggett
by Mary Ellen Ellis
October 2, 2021

I love the color orange and especially orange flowers. A staple in my perennial beds is orange daylilies. The blooms may not last long, but they always add cheerful color and, to me, are a classic sign of summer.

Why Daylilies? 

I have to admit that one of the first reasons I started growing daylilies is because they’re easy. They don’t require much attention once established, and I had a patch already growing when I moved into my current home. 

This isn’t the only reason, though. I love a bright-colored flower, and orange is such a happy hue. It makes me think of the summer sun. I have never added another color of daylily, only orange. 

Growing Daylilies Successfully

While they’re pretty easy to grow and generally low-maintenance, there are some things to consider when adding these pretty flowers to your garden for summer orange:  

  • Daylilies produce more flowers in six-plus hours of sunlight. I have a patch in partial shade and they do fine, but produce fewer blooms. 
  • They really appreciate some compost or other organic material added to loosened soil before planting. 
  • Pull out the spent flower stems as soon as they turn all brown. This just keeps the bed looking tidy. You’ll still have green leaves for a while, but without the dead stems poking up from the bed. 
  • Divide daylilies every few years. They’ll start to deteriorate if you neglect this chore for too long. I have used my divisions to create new beds and to share with friends. To do it, dig up the roots and separate the clumps into smaller plants. The farther apart you space the plants initially, the less often you’ll need to do this. 

Orange is a great color in the garden. It’s striking against green foliage and summer grass. It complements white and yellow flowers especially. For one of the brightest and most cheerful garden oranges, try daylilies. 

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