Dear Hubby: Valentine’s Day Plant Ideas

By Nikki Tilley | February 14, 2022
by Nikki Tilley
February 14, 2022

My husband never fails to surprise me when it comes to romance. In fact, I’d be surprised if he was romantic at all. Still, he knows the key to my heart is normally through flowers or chocolate and he’s getting better at this. It’s only taken twenty years. I’m not too picky when it comes to Valentine’s Day plant gifts though. Well”¦ maybe just a little.

Dear Hubby: Valentine’s Day Plant Ideas

All I want for Valentine’s Day is a plant, preferably the kind you can put out in the garden come spring. But a nice bouquet of roses or other flower suits me just fine too. It’s the thought that counts, right? I can always save a few, drying the flowers so I can still enjoy their beauty long after the others have wilted. Yes, you do a fairly decent job at choosing the ones I like, but maybe, just maybe, you could try something different this year. A nice new houseplant works just as well, or even some seeds for the garden next season. It’s not long until planting time.

I love you babe, but I’d rather not have your typical whoop-de-doo flowers commonly seen elsewhere. It’s more fun to stand out, to be different. You know how quirky I am. And I don’t expect anything too fancy-schmancy or expensive either. Save your money. Heck, I’d be just fine with a bouquet of herbs over those more costly roses. Nothing quite as romantic as some fresh cut sprigs of rosemary from the garden. At least I can utilize them in the kitchen. They’re cheap too. Honey, this year why not take a walk outside and have a look around. Chances are you might come across something interesting, like blooming violets or plumes of ornamental grass in the garden. Quite possibly there’ll be more kale ready to harvest. Go ahead, pluck away! I promise I’ll appreciate the effort.

Semi-retirement has allowed me plenty of time for getting creative. Perhaps, my dear, you can find something different to add to my wreath making supplies – weird shaped branches, greenery or even pinecones. Or maybe while you’re out and about you’ll come across an odd-looking container that I can dress up for a new plant (like the one you’re hopefully gonna get). You know me, if it can hold soil, then it’s right at home in the garden, or in my office.

These are just a few ideas for some Valentine’s Day plant gifts. All I really want is a plant for Valentine’s Day, so I’ll take whatever “romantic” surprise you dig up. Just stay away from the weeds, unless they’re pretty or edible.

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