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By Amy Grant | September 27, 2022
Image by Ralf Geithe
by Amy Grant
September 27, 2022

We have lots of garden décor, and I do mean Lots! Most remains outdoors year-round, and of course more is added when Christmas comes around. Read on to learn about just some of the collection of yard gewgaws you’ll find here. 

Where It All Started

As if the plethora of colors and textures my plants provide our landscape isn’t enough, we also feel compelled to add some additional zing in the form of garden art

Now I wasn’t the one who started our collection of yard gewgaws. It all began with a collection of frogs I used to have… indoors. I love frogs, because really what isn’t there to love? I loved them so much I had some living ones as pets (along with day geckos, anoles, etc). 

Since I let it be known that I loved frogs, people started giving me frogs as gifts, at first indoor collectables and then when I graduated from apartment dweller to homeowner, frogs for the garden. At some point I called a screeching halt to the frog paraphernalia. I mean enough is enough! 

Garden Decoration

This did not, however, keep people from wanting to decorate my yard and as a result I have gnomes (of course!), two large, bright orange, ceramic globes, a hand blown glass spire rising up from the veggie bed, driftwood art, plant stakes shaped like every animal on the planet, a delicate glass hummingbird feeder, a huge squirrel proof wood bird feeder, and so much more”¦ including many frogs. 

My SIL alone has provided me with so many tchotchkes I can’t begin to name them all, but she has a problem with crafting so…

The point being, we have lots (and I do mean Lots) of garden décor. Most of it remains outdoors year-round with the exception of really breakable items. Once it goes into storage in the fall I don’t decorate extensively outside with the exception of Christmas, at which time I again am not responsible. 

It seems my beloved has a little issue with Christmas lights. It has been mentioned that our home can be seen from outer space! 

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