DIY Traditions: Homemade Wreaths

By Bonnie Grant | December 4, 2021
by Bonnie Grant
December 4, 2021

Every year I make my mother a new holiday wreath. I have used prepared willow or grape wood forms before, but last year I made my own homemade wreath form. It all starts with some wire, my pruners, and some aromatic cedar stems. I also need my handy glue gun and some other items gathered from the garden, as well as some ribbon and other décor. 

Homemade Wreath Ideas

Making things from the garden usually results in food, but this time it is an evergreen wreath. A homemade wreath is so easy to make, an un-crafty person can usually manage it. A look on the internet will provide you with plenty of wreath ideas, some of which are rather complex, but most of them are simple but elegant. I use thin but sturdy wire to make a form. It is just a small circle within a big circle. To attach the 2 circles I run the wire across them at intersections and twist the wire to hold it to the circles. Wire cutters are extremely helpful in this process. 

Once you have a form, the fun part begins. My process starts with a stroll around the garden, pruners in hand. I gather pine cones and snip off some slim, flexible stems from the cedar. Cedar is nice and bendy if not too thick, and smells amazing. Sometimes, I have saved some autumn leaves or cut off stems with berries. I once used dried fruit on the wreath. Whatever the DIYer wants to put on is fair game. 

How to Make a Holiday Wreath

Back inside, I use the wire to attach the cedar stems. This is the base. I start at one point and attach a stem, then work clockwise around the form. Once they are all securely tied on, I make sure the wire ends are tucked to the back. The glue gun is the next part and the décor scheme depends upon individual taste. You can add a seaside touch with shells, a flowery touch with dried or silk flowers, or even an even more aromatic feature with dried herbs. I use a different scheme every year. Last year had ornamental balls and ribbons, but this year I might try something a bit different. I’m using battery operated twinkle lights. 

My mother loves getting a new wreath every year, and it costs me practically nothing. Purchased fresh wreaths can get spendy, and the decorated ones are very traditional and boring. By making my own, I can put my personal stamp on the craft. It is a very satisfying and enjoyable craft, which actually takes very little time. Every time I see my wreath on her door, it makes me happy. It reminds me of when I was little and would give her a handmade school craft that she would proudly display. Only this time, I think my craft looks a bit better than a lopsided pottery bowl. 

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