Enjoying The Garden View

By Mary Ellen Ellis | April 18, 2021
by Mary Ellen Ellis
April 18, 2021

I always prefer to be outside, actually in the garden, but that isn’t always possible. When inside, it’s nice to have a view that’s relaxing and inspiring. My garden view is just that, and it’s different from every angle. 

Backyard Garden – The Best View

The best view is from the kitchen window over the sink, which is handy for dish washing, and the back door onto the patio. This rear view of my garden looks on to my best work. It varies a little bit depending on the month, but during the growing season there is always something to enjoy. 

In the back of the yard, which is most easily viewed from the windows, is a shady bed that troubled me for years. I finally put in ferns a few years ago, and they have proliferated. Now it looks like a shady green oasis, not just a bed for moss and weeds. The corner is shaded by a lilac that produces gorgeous purple blooms in spring. 

I can also see my daylilies from here, which are orange and abundant. They have spread out to fill a large portion of one of my biggest beds. They provide cheerful color for a large part of the summer. 

Side View, Second Best

Where I spend most of my time looking outside is from my office window on the side of the house. From here, I can’t really see my own garden, but I get a lovely view of my neighbor’s perennial beds.

Although I don’t see the fruits of my own gardening labor, my office view does include a medium-sized walnut tree. I have come to know and love this tree, watching the first leaves appear in spring and then turn yellow and rain down in fall. 

The Front View is for Neighbor-Watching

My front yard is more grass than garden. We look out on it when hanging out in the living room and watching TV. A couple beds have tidy rows of boxwood, but I can’t see the pretty front door containers I create each window. They’re just out of view. 

The real view from the front windows is the neighborhood. This is where I can see my neighbors working in their own yards and people walking their dogs. It’s a great people-watching vantage point. 

While being in my garden is always best, the views from inside aren’t bad either. It’s nice to be warm or cool or dry inside on bad days and to enjoy the work I’ve put in from the comfort of indoors.

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