Fabulous Fall

By Amy Grant | September 23, 2021
Image by Khaneef Setiawan
by Amy Grant
September 23, 2021

At this writing we are in the grip of a heat wave across most of the nation, which has me daydreaming about cooler weather, namely fall. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year and it has little to do with pumpkin spice beverages, although they are delicious. 

Wilting Summer Heat

I’m not fond of the heat. It makes me wilt, much like many of my flowers are doing at this moment. I prefer a temperate climate indoors and out. I’d rather put a sweater on because I’m chilly than try to cool off when the temps hit triple digits. I mean there’s only so much clothing one can take off. 

So here I sit fantasizing about daytime temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s with delicious nighttime temperatures in the 40s or upper 30s. Perfect sleeping weather, although the cooler temperatures make gardening a delight. 

Autumn’s Sweet Relief

I’m rhapsodizing about the autumn beauty still to come. While my Michaelmas daisies and Japanese anemone are still nodding their white heads, many of my other perennials have given up by fall so I look forward to the fall hues of stonecrop sedum. the cheerful yellow blooms of  Heliopsis “Sunburst” and the white plumes decorating my Miscanthus “Okoberfest.” 

In the front yard, the heads of the oak leaf hydrangea have dried on the plants in a riot of hues and the Chrysanthemum are in full lime green and purple bloom. The always reliable “Dragon’s Blood” Celosia still gives off its crimson vibe, standing sentinel in containers at the front door. 

Sure the vegetable garden is looking a bit neglected, but in the fall there are apples to harvest, winter squash to pick, herbs galore and if we are in luck there may even be tomatoes, provided temperatures don’t dip too much. 

I literally can hardly wait for fall and all the bounties my garden provides during the season”¦but since it is 98 F today I guess I’ll have to. 

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