Clucking About Chickweed

By Amy Grant | March 21, 2021
by Amy Grant
March 21, 2021

Most people don’t like to weed. I am in the minority. I love to weed. It’s my personal Zen time. That said there are certain weeds that are more of a, ahem, “project” to get rid of. You know the ones; those with taproots that grow into the center of the earth and those with capillary-like root systems that branch out making them impossible to eradicate.

Then we have my favorite weed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so enamored that I let it run amok, but I do have a soft spot for this particular weed. What is it? Chickweed

Chickweed Control

I get chickweed everywhere, but most commonly throughout a gravel path that runs the length of the house. Chickweed can and will spread into grass and other areas rapidly if allowed to go unchecked. 

So I check it. I don’t like to use chemicals to control weeds, so checking the chickweed has to be done by hand. And what a delight it is! Chickweed has a shallow root system which makes it very easy to pull. If the soil is a bit damp, chickweed slides from the soil so easily a toddler could do it. 

Chickweed Uses

In doing a little research about common chickweed, it dawned on me that maybe I shouldn’t be pulling it out.  It turns out that chickweed (Stellaria media) is edible and high in nutrients. The fact that chickens enjoy eating it should have been a clue perhaps. 

Maybe the next time I’m Zen weeding I will gather the chickweed to add to salad. After all it should be perfectly edible since I don’t use chemicals. I’m sure the dog pee will wash off”¦

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