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By Amy Grant | March 5, 2021
by Amy Grant
March 5, 2021

Have you ever wondered how your plants feel about you? I mean we anthropomorphize other objects so why not plants? Practically every pet owner attributes their pet’s behavior based on human characteristics so why not plants; especially when you are almost as in love with your plants as your dog? 

Good Vibes

Lots of people talk to their plants, and it turns out that plants benefit from your verbalization (of course they also benefit from sounds like running water). Scientists have shown that plants respond, growing larger and faster, with stimulus from sound waves and vibrations, which includes the human voice

All of which gets me to thinking about the aforementioned anthropomorphized plants. What on earth can they be thinking about me? 

Love is All We Need

I think my plants love me back. After all, I keep them watered, fed, weeded, and disease and pest free to the best of my ability. I do talk to my plants (or maybe that’s myself I’m talking to) and sing to them just like I talk to Lily the mighty rescue dog. 

I think my clivia blooms reliably every year because she is grateful that I have resisted the urge to repot her (she likes to be slightly pot bound) and that she is in the perfect area of bright yet diffused light. 

I think my ligularia adore me because they are grown in containers under a patio with early morning sun. Otherwise they would get scorched and I would never get to see their sunny spires late in the summer. 

And if perchance I am neglectful and forget to water or feed them on schedule, I imagine my plants are somewhat like the gigantic Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors, screeching “Feed Me!” I only hope they will settle for plant food”¦

I admire my plants’ beauty and aroma, their strengths and weaknesses, their ability to feed me. I spend an inordinate amount of time with my plants both indoors and out, caring and cooing over them, so my guess is they think I’m cool, dope, sick, whatever slang term is in vogue for an all around superb human. 

After all, without me they wouldn’t be, and without them I wouldn’t be me. We like each other very much; I’m sure the feeling is mutual. 

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