Fingers Crossed For Spring Trees

By Amy Grant | February 6, 2022
Image by Dmitry Potashkin
by Amy Grant
February 6, 2022

I have received and given bonsai lucky bamboo. I can only speak for myself but since I killed the plant and no major evil befell our household, I’m a bit dubious about its claim as a lucky plant. 

Of course luck is subjective. Some people believe they are lucky if they find a penny while others need to win the lottery or at the casino. Since I rarely win anything I don’t bother with the latter; I will pick up a penny though. 

Trees and Spring

So all that has me musing on what plant might symbolize luck to me. In the very broadest of terms I’m going to say a tree. Pretty much any tree, because I really feel lucky that I live in an area that is replete with trees and not some concrete jungle, although there’s plenty of that too. 

Once Auld Lang Syne has been sung, I generally wait not so patiently for spring to arrive. About mid-March I begin to notice the trees are leafing out, which puts a totally new spin on my psyche. I get excited even if I’m still wearing a parka and wool socks just to see some signs of green, growing life after a long winter. 

I also feel lucky to have made it through the winter, which can be quite a trick (cabin fever is real!). So the minute my willow or my Mom’s birches start looking slightly green, I feel lucky that I made it to spring. Money trees they aren’t, but rather harbingers of flip flops, fresh raspberries and warm weather.  

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