Fresh Cut Flowers And Foliage Creations

By Nikki Tilley | January 15, 2022
Image by OksanaKiian
by Nikki Tilley
January 15, 2022

Ahh, the smell of fresh cut flowers from the garden (or the local florist) “¦ is there anything better? I love walking in a room and catching hints of their flowery scents, from roses to lilacs and everything in between. What’s even better? The lovely colors and various textures.

Enjoying Cut Flower Bouquets

I’ll admit, I didn’t always feel this way about cut flowers. In fact, I used to be against them. Not because of anything bad really, just that eventually these beautiful plants will die. And to me that’s just heartbreaking. But when you think about it, don’t they eventually die in the garden at some point too? Nothing lasts forever, so why not enjoy them in all their glory for as long as you can, inside and in the garden.

My husband enjoys surprising me now and then with fresh cut flowers, especially roses. (Yes, I’m a lucky girl!) And I commonly harvest various plants for display indoors. I especially love including non-traditional plants in my arrangements, like greenery, daylilies and tufts of spirea. When harvesting cut flowers from the garden, I tend to think outside the box and try whatever I deem beautiful together. I’ve come up with some interesting cut flower bouquets this way. Some of these have included displays of hydrangea, yarrow and common daylily as well as cosmos, dahlia, sedum and ornamental grass plumes

Arranging Cut Flowers

I once made a vibrant red and purple bouquet with gladiolus flowers and blazing star. One of my favorites was a simple vase of orange daylilies with variegated vinca vine foliage. I also used vinca vine in another arrangement with white yarrow, pink spirea and pink/white lily flowers. Irises are great additions too. And nothing quite compares to a vase filled with dahlias, mums, coleus and purple basil. The weirder, the better in my book.

They may not last forever, but they last long enough to bring me joy and that’s what matters. Cut flowers make me happy, and when they’re gone, I take solace in knowing that I have an endless supply of plants to choose from to create another bouquet, unless hubby surprises me first with his own gift of cut flowers. That’s always nice too!

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