Favorite Garden Toys: Garden-Related Gifts Through The Eyes Of A Gardener

By Bonnie Grant | December 12, 2020
by Bonnie Grant
December 12, 2020

If you have a passion, those that love you often capitalize on it for gift ideas. Such was the case when I was a chef, with a host of amazing and lovely kitchen artifacts with which to play. As a gardener, this joy, too, has provided inspiration for a gardening present to commemorate special occasions. Through my 20s and now into my 50s, I have received so many thoughtful and well considered garden toys, but it is hard to pick a favorite.

Best Garden-Related Gifts

I don’t want to be a suck up, but my most interesting gifts for gardening have been from my boss at Gardening Know How. She has a knack for finding unique and enjoyable presents that I didn’t even know existed. One of my favorites is a hand tooled spade. It is rustic, beautiful, and I don’t have the heart to use it. It has graced a shadow box for years, alongside a handmade knife from Alaska that I also can’t in good conscience utilize. This gardening present is very special to me.

But enough about Heather. If I had to pinpoint my favorite gift, it would be a garden tiller. Previous to being gifted this wonderful machine, I had to hand turn my soil, using the shovel to chop in organic matter for amendment. It was back-breaking work, and a chore I dreaded annually. Yet, it had to be done to get the soil ready for the garden. I have had this tiller for over 20 years and it still keeps ticking. It is one of those must haves when you have a large planting space and one for which I am truly grateful.

I lied. My favorite gift is from my folks. Actually, it is “gifts.” I wanted to start a little orchard of sorts here at our new property. Thoughtfully, for the last few years, my parents have purchased 3-year-old fruit trees in varieties of my request. I am now on the way to getting my own fresh, organic fruit. I have more requests, which I am certain will come to pass at the next birthday. They have all been glorious, healthy trees which produce at least a little the next year after planting. What could be better?

I believe in giving yourself presents too. Things you save up for that are necessary or just fun. I used to buy a new plant every few months, something that I had been craving. Currently, my gardening present to myself is a Troy Built rider lawnmower. It is a thing of beauty, all shiny red and with a mulching feature. You really don’t understand what a chore mowing is until you have a lot of lawn. And I mean, a lot! This is one of my favorite garden toys. This will save my back and time so I can enjoy the more delightful aspects of gardening. Planting crops, maintaining them, and harvesting are my joy. So, if my little “presents” to myself can help me achieve that, I believe they are some of my favorites.

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