Getting Older Together

By Bonnie Grant | November 24, 2022
Image by Drazen Zigic
by Bonnie Grant
November 24, 2022

Family and health are more important than stuff and wealth. I firmly believe that, which is how I found myself in a totally alien location with gardening conditions unlike any I have ever faced. But, no matter. The blessing is that I can see my family much more often and we are there for all of life’s milestones, both good and bad. I’ll happily deal with this desert, heat soaked, arid region if it means I get some quality family time.

Family First

I moved to the other side of the state to be with my family. My folks are nearby, as are my brother-in-law and sister. I had lived on the opposite side of the state for most of my life, but as we are all aging, it seemed prudent to move closer to one another. It has been an adjustment to be sure. Just getting used to the weather has been a challenge, and don’t get me started on the weird growing conditions.

Without fail, things will start to fall apart as we age. This process has been happening in my family, which caused a lot of worry when we lived far away. Now I can worry still, but I am much closer and can keep abreast of any troublesome changes. That gives me some peace of mind. Plus, I can hang out with my twin more. When she moved here first, I missed her terribly. We are that classic twin thing, two peas in a pod. Double trouble. Better halves of each other. It is a wonderful relationship and one for which I am grateful.

Garden Thankfulness

Speaking of gratefulness, it seems we don’t take time out on a daily basis to consider our blessings. During the harum-scarum of daily life there is little time for contemplation, and yet it is truly important to recognize the bounties we receive. These are always reflected in the garden. The wonderful fruits and vegetables, astounding flowers, and lively greenery that brighten our days, are emblematic of the gratefulness we should feel for the gifts from our creator.

So, I am grateful for every aspect of life. Even the sad or bad things. Without those, how would we recognize the wondrousness of life. The yin and yang of good and bad go hand in hand as part of our experience of existence. And topping my list is family. All those that are here and near, as well as those that are farther away.

Today, as I write this, we are to expect thunder and lightning storms. Sounds a bit chaotic and wouldn’t be terribly fun to stand out in, but there is always a silver lining. Such weather is an emphatic excuse to avoid mowing the lawn. It is an invitation to bake chocolate chip cookies and eat far too many of them. It is a declaration of a day of lethargy. It is an affirmation to do what I like. Talk about grateful!

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