Green For A Greenhouse

By Amy Grant | August 2, 2021
Image by Jennifer Blount
by Amy Grant
August 2, 2021

For most avid gardeners, the garden is a work in progress. There is always work to do, tweaking here and there, adding, subtracting but mostly adding plants. Time and money are most often constraints when it comes to our heart’s desires regarding our landscapes; there’s never enough of either to create the perfect, elusive Shangri-La. 

I’m like the rest of my garden buddies; constantly messing around with my garden, dreaming up but not necessarily acting on ideas to create my own little Eden. 

Greenhouse Daydreams

If I had an unlimited pocketbook and a time machine I have a multitude of fabulous ideas for my yard. I don’t have a greenhouse for one thing so that’s on the list. I want one of those fancy ones with real glass, steel and wood, attached to the house so I can easily access it year round. You know, like a Victorian era greenhouse overly ornate with wrought iron. 

Of course to have this elaborate dream greenhouse, I would have to move. I want a big one and my postage stamp sized yard simply won’t accommodate something the size my mind has dreamt up. For that matter, unless I took out a significant number of plants which is NOT happening, I don’t have room in my landscape for one of the much smaller aluminum, wood or PVC framed greenhouses covered with heavy grade plastic. 

Orangerie Dreams

I bet you are wondering about the time machine. Yeah so am I. I’m not sure why I put that in there. It might be a nice thing to have though. Plus I could go back in time to the 17th century and check out some Orangerie ideas. An Orangerie was a dedicated building the wealthy had built on their properties to house exotic fruit trees such as oranges and other tender plants. 

But since I’m in the present I’ll just continue to dream about the magnificent greenhouse I’ll never own. It’s only a dream after all.

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