Lounging On The Lanai

By Amy Grant | April 14, 2021
by Amy Grant
April 14, 2021

I love to be in the yard as much of the year as possible. Unfortunately my yard is either filled with snow or scorching hot for the majority of the year. This doesn’t mean I can’t go outside however. We’ve done some tweaking of our backyard to allow us to make use of it most of the year. 

Comfy Outdoor Space 

I can’t take credit for the major comfort feature that allows us to spend time outside more often than not. It came with the house. I can see by looking at it that someone put it in place sometime in the 50s or 60s because it has the popular atomic starburst pattern of the time embossed on the roof. 

I’m talking about a covered patio or lanai. Lanai seems more exotic don’t you think, so I’ll stick with ‘lanai’. 

Our lanai is a simple structure jutting from the back of the house. It is comprised of pavers for a floor which I believe is a more modern construct; I suspect the floor was once just dirt. The entirety of the area is covered by the aforementioned atomic starburst metal roofing which is so old school it’s cool now. One side is buffered by the house another by an 8 foot chain link fence upon which some table grapes are growing.

A “New” Patio

Next to this lanai, the previous owner had formed some haphazard planting beds comprised of vintage bricks she found in and around the property. I didn’t like the look so I took apart the structure and turned them into a raised outdoor patio. Both the lanai and patio are connected; one up and one down and one in the sun and the other covered. 

Voila! We now have areas for seating, eating, listening to music, reading, entertaining, etc. The covered lanai is furnished with outdoor furniture with weather proof cushions, a large outdoor rug and Bluetooth speakers; perfect for winter and summer. 

And yes, we use this area when temps have soared to three digits with the aid of a water misting system and again when they dip down into the 20’s with the assistance of a propane heater.  
Cabin fever is real, especially during quarantine, and this area has become a blessing, dare I say a necessary sanctuary that keeps me as sane as possible in this crazy world.

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