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By Mary Ellen Ellis | June 17, 2021
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by Mary Ellen Ellis
June 17, 2021

For a gardener living in a four-season region, summer is the best time of year. The only thing I want to do as soon as the weather is warm enough in May is spend time outside. Once the temperatures reliably hit 70, I’m outside as often as I can be. 

Weeding, Weeding, and More Weeding

Eventually weeding becomes a chore, but at the start of summer, I’ll take any excuse to get outside. I put on an audiobook, or just listen to the birds, kneel down in the beds, and pull weeds while soaking in the warmth. Late spring and early summer is the time to get on top of this chore. 

Planting Annuals

Early summer is also when I put my annuals in the ground and in pots. I pick out an assortment of petunia colors for the bed in the front of the house. I usually get geraniums in a bright color for the pots flanking the front door. 

For the back patio, I have more shade, so I choose several fun coleus plants to enjoy the wild foliate. I also use an abundance of impatiens. I look forward every year to this time of year when I can plant flowers while it’s actually warm outside. I don’t need gloves. I just get my hands dirty and let the soil get under my nails. 

Relaxing and Enjoying

By far, my favorite thing to do to welcome summer is simply to relax outside. The more time I can spend outdoors, the better, but there are only so many garden chores that need doing. Once they’re done, it’s time to relax. 

This is when I make a cup of tea, grab a book or the newspaper, and sit outside on the patio. The sun is usually out, the temperatures are above 70, and I can just relax and enjoy the work I put into the beds and the flowerpots as the annuals begin to grow and bloom. 

Welcoming summer is less of a ritual for me than simply enjoying the weather and the abundant growth. Being outside is the ultimate joy for a gardener. And for this gardener, who is always too cold, the start of summer is truly a blessing.

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