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By Laura Miller | October 15, 2021
Image by LeeYiuTung
by Laura Miller
October 15, 2021

When my youngest son was a toddler, he loved to swing. Every day he would stand at the back window, pointing at the swing set and relentlessly repeat “wing, wing, wing” in the most adorable toddler dialect. He didn’t seem to care if it was sunny, raining, or if 6 inches (15 cm.) of snow covered the ground.

As a stay-at-home, freelance-writing mom, I had long ago realized that a relentless toddler was not at all conducive to a quiet work environment. Thus, much to the amusement of the neighbors, I would dress my youngest in whatever weather-appropriate clothing he required, and we would head outdoors for a session of swinging. 

I have to admit, some part of me was looking forward to the day when my youngest outgrew his toddler swing and this all-weather tradition would end. However, grandparents see life through the eyes of time and better appreciate the fleetingness of these precious parenting moments. 

Much to my chagrin, my quickly-growing toddler was presented with his very own wooden porch swing (complete with a hand built wooden frame) at his next birthday. Gee, I couldn’t thank his grandparents enough for their thoughtfulness. Naturally, the tradition of all-weather swinging continued for several more years. 

That seems like only yesterday. My youngest is now a grown man, living with his wife in an urban apartment. Sine he has no room for a garden swing, it has remained in my backyard. I can’t say that I’ve upheld the tradition of swinging year-round, but I often find myself sitting on the wooden porch swing during the warm, dry days of fall. 

Changing Fall Leaves

A garden swing is the perfect place to sit and watch the leaves change colors. I enjoy the view of the fall-blooming native flowers, especially the goldenrod. I laugh as I see the squirrels scurrying around burying and reburying black walnuts. Like me, they always seem to have more tasks than time.  

Mostly, I find sitting on the wooden porch swing in the fall to be the perfect place and time to quietly contemplate my gardening wish list. I mentally review what I’ve accomplished this year and consider what I still have time to do. Like the squirrels, I know I can utilize the cool fall days to busy myself with the endless tasks which are an innate part of gardening.  

I no longer loathe the garden swing as an instrument of winter torture. Instead, I’ve come to enjoy my time contemplating what was, what is and what can be – especially when it comes to that gardening wish list. And as I sit and watch the leaves change colors and the squirrels scampering around, one thing is for certain. The wooden porch swing has a primitive lack of comfort that doesn’t keep me sitting for long.

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