Inspiration For Crafting: Stay Busy With Nature Inspired Projects

By Bonnie Grant | November 4, 2020
by Bonnie Grant
November 4, 2020

I’m gearing up for winter. That means placing orders for yarn, finding patterns, getting some cross-stitch kits, fabric for new RV seat covers, and acquiring new paint and canvas. Since I’m not haunting the yarn or craft places, this will be a slow winter for me. In other years, I might be making candles or soap, handcrafting tote bags, or stenciling silly sayings on t-shirts. As they say, idle hands are the devil’s playground! Nature seems to provide the best inspiration for many of my crafts.

Inspiration for Crafting

I get a little stir crazy when I’m not doing something. Even when we are listening to our favorite radio program (no TV), I have to have something in my hands. This compulsion goes along with my other tics and traits, but it does allow me to make some interesting things. I usually have something handmade for holiday gifts. I would like to say this saves me money, but it doesn’t. Craft stuff is expensive! However, it does provide a thoughtful gift that can be tailor made to each giftee.

Over the years I have dabbled in many craft projects. Some have stayed and some went. Like the time I wanted to make leather cat collars with little cat feet. Never did that again. Or the time I made my own birdhouses. Same result. During my last move I had to get real with myself and went through the craft closet. There were scraps and half-finished projects in there that I finally had to remove from my life.

Speaking of half-finished projects. That is also a classic me. I get bored with a sweater or it isn’t turning out well so I put it away. I vow to return to it another time and fix whatever is going wrong, but I don’t. These sad reminders of my crafting failures remained in the cupboard for decades.

Natural Craft Supplies

The other day I found pressed leaves and flowers from years ago that were supposed to become stationary. They reminded me that I wanted to do homemade wrapping paper this year, so I’ve been out collecting fresh specimens. They are also great for place cards, wreaths, shadow boxes, dried arrangements, and as the template for many stenciling or painting projects. Every time I look out the window, my garden is a joy to me and finding ways to extend the season by using items from the landscape makes this even better. You can find nature inspired projects everywhere outdoors.

While I’m out gathering, it is time to put in place the fall front display. The cornstalks are nice and dry, and I have plenty of interesting gourds, pumpkins, and other squash to liven things up. I’ll finish with a couple of potted mums, perhaps in pumpkin planters. The whole thing will last quite a while, weather permitting, and allows me to use up some odds and ends in the garden, while providing some much needed color to the landscape. If you’re ever at a loss for craft supplies, turn your eyes to nature and you will surely find what you need.

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