New Year’s Garden Resolution: Enjoy The Garden

By Amy Grant | January 3, 2022
Image by PaulMaguire
by Amy Grant
January 3, 2022

New Year’s resolutions, hmm? They always sound so definite, so finite, so limiting. Thus, every year as legions of revelers kick off the New Year with resolutions, I resolve… well… not to. 

Self Improvement Resolutions?

It isn’t like I can’t stick to a promise or a goal. I can, when it involves someone else. But it it comes down to pledging to myself that, for instance, I will cut out the chocolate (heaven forbid!) or eat healthier (life is short!) or some other vow, I know I am setting myself up for failure. 

I know there are other types of resolutions such as resolving not to bicker with my sister or partner (where’s the fun in that?) or make more money (woman cannot live by money alone) or learn a new language (I have a tough time with English sometimes), but again, they are all relevant to me and I’m just not cut out for the eventual disappointment in myself that my inability to follow through will result in. 

Garden Resolutions

So when it comes to my garden I don’t resolve to do anything but enjoy it. When I thought I had the aphids and those cute little green inch worms on the apple tree licked, but didn’t, I chalked it up to the fact that an insect’s gotta eat too. So I didn’t get to eat any fresh apples, I did cut out sections of half worm nibbled fruit and made applesauce. 

Upon pondering the thought of making gardening resolutions, I’ve changed my mind. This year, I am going to resolve not to grow as much produce. We have FAR too much for two people. Even after giving it away to friends, relatives and the food bank and processing as much as I can, we always have too much food. Now what a problem to have, huh? 

Instead, I am going to plant more flowers. I can’t eat most of them, but the birds, bees, and other pollinators can thus, in a sense, I am doing my little bit to help the rest of the world produce food. Plus, I just really adore flowers. 

So when 2022 rolls in, I resolve to continue to enjoy my garden. I’m pretty sure I can stick to that resolution.

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