Off To The Races

By Bonnie Grant | May 21, 2021
by Bonnie Grant
May 21, 2021

There really isn’t anything I look forward to more than the jump start of the growing season. Just walking around and looking at all the things that are leafing out or blooming is a true joy. My perfect days are when the temperatures are not too high, our terrible winds have died down, and I can work in a t-shirt and light weight leggings. It’s not too hot, not too cold. In short, perfect. 

We live where the summer temperatures jump the 3 figure mark, and our winters are devastatingly cold. This yo-yo of temps gives us just a short period of time where it is truly comfortable to do spring tasks. Fall isn’t bad, but spring is when it is just delightful. My perfect days are always in the early growing season when I don’t get sunburned, frozen, dehydrated, or any other physical discomfort. Spring is just simply the best. 

Spring Busy-Time

There are seemingly a million spring tasks. In our developing landscape, there are more beds to construct, an irrigation system to finish, a fence to be erected, weeds already taking over, and so much more. I have so many half finished projects that were shelved during the winter. Add to that all the future plans that need to be started. But first we attack the veggie gardening. 

By mid spring, I already have tons of little baby plants awaiting Mother’s Day, when they can go in the ground. These need to be moved outside to sunlight and a bit of wind daily. They need to be upgraded to bigger pots as the seedlings grow. They need a light fertilizer to keep them happy until the big day. They need to be protected from curious kittens. Then there is the dirt farm.

Dirt Farm

The dirt farm is a mini orchard. The strawberries are taking off, the grape has a leaf, the raspberries are making new canes, and the fruit trees have all begun to flower. Rhubarb is gaining some rosy color on the stalks. The asparagus needs to be watched so we can pick the new, tender shoots. 

I love nothing better than tending to the spring tasks necessary to ensure a big crop of fruits and other plants. Everything needs to be fertilized and have its first Bee Safe spray. If it is warm and rainy, it all will need some fungal spray as well. And it’s a constant battle with the deer to keep them from eating all the new shoots. Making up a stinky concoction and spraying regularly seems to do the trick. 

Soul Balm

I don’t mind the chores necessary in a developing landscape. The rewards of veggie gardening and tending the trees far outweigh the tedious stuff, like weeding. It is just such a balm to the soul to begin to see life emerge after a long winter. My spring tasks are accompanied by music, small cats, and the help of my mate. It is such a joy to get out on any day in spring, even the wet ones. The constant reminder of a fertile, productive growing season lifts my spirits and puts a spring in my step.

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