Orange Is The New Green

By Amy Grant | April 6, 2021
by Amy Grant
April 6, 2021

My clothing palate has become subdued as I’ve aged. I don’t know if this is a societal expectation or if it is just that I am too lazy to coordinate an outfit and so keeping it monochrome is simpler. In any case, I get my color kicks from my garden although even here I do have a favorite color: orange. 

Orange in the Garden

I’ve always loved orange. It is such a happy color reminiscent of good times had in the warm (orange) sunshine. I also liked it because no one else did and I wanted to exert my individuality during my adolescence”¦or maybe that’s all mixed up with my desire to annoy my mother”¦

At any rate, I still love orange in the garden. I have garden art that reflects my adoration of the hue; two enormous, brilliantly orange, glazed spheres whose only purpose is to look orange. I also have a glass blown spire of fiery oranges poking up amongst the ornamental grasses. 

In the garden proper, the various tints of orange reign supreme, from the apricot agastache to the ‘Salsa’ helenium to the crocosmia, variegated cannas and fritilliaria. 

This year I plan on extending my color scheme of orange beauties. I have an orange azalea air layering in my Mom’s garden and I’ve ordered an orange dahlia (‘Dazzling Magic’), a Gloriosa lily, and Luminous Pineleaf Beardtongue (penstemon). 

Trees That Are Orange

I covet the ‘Midwinter Fire’ dogwood at the moment as well, but I haven’t yet obtained one. I think it will go beautifully with my ‘Diane’ witch hazel shrub; another entry in the orange color scheme I have going. It bloomed for the first time this winter and it smells divine as well. 

Yep, I’m going to find a ‘Midwinter Fire’ dogwood. I need some more sunny orange to brighten the less than sunny days of winter. Summer isn’t the only time the sun should come out.

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