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By Bonnie Grant | April 12, 2021
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by Bonnie Grant
April 12, 2021

My new home had an outdoor poured pad with a brick and cinderblock fireplace. It appeared to be the perfect place to hang out in cooler weather but there was a problem. When it was built, the apple tree was little, as was the pine. They are now huge and hang right over the fireplace, creating a hazard. We have begun the process of overhauling the space and it will be coming together soon. It will be a mixture of old and new items. 


Repurposing materials is one of my favorite things. So too, coming up with new uses for old spaces. The little fire area had to go. The fireplace was falling apart so we removed it. All the material went to make raised beds in the dirt farm. Now we have a clean slate, just a poured pad under shady trees. Here’s the plan for a shade patio.

We lack shade on this property and it can get very hot in the summer. There will be nothing nicer than a cushy shade space in which to lounge in the heat. I already have bright yellow fabric awnings to add more shade. We will be setting posts around the pad to support these. There is an outdoor rug decorated with yellow and red flowers. Then, we have to move the patio couch and chairs down from upstairs. Finish this with yellow flecked cushions and I call that an outdoor lounge. 

Resourceful D├ęcor

A few more decorating touches. This shade space needs some more prettying up and side tables. This is where old and new meet. Our local thrift store had a solar bubbler whose pump needed a bit of work. It is now functional and will go at the sunniest edge of the new shade patio space. They also had some folding old fashioned, metal enameled outdoor tables. A little coat of paint and they look good as new. Some solar twinkle lights around the awnings will add some magic in the evening. Found candle holders will create even more ambiance. 

It is still winter here technically, so we will not set about the furnishings for another month or so. But with a little creativity we will have a delightful shade patio to cool us after our arduous labors in the dirt farm. I have started some herbs to plant at the edges of the patio for scent and flowers. They should also keep some of the insects at bay, so we can eat in peace. There is a maypaw waiting to be planted at the base of the awning posts, as well as some hops to add more lushness around the area. 

Can’t wait for spring! This little project will be my happy place — an outdoor oasis of cool and luxury in a crazy world that needs more of such peaceful spaces.

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