A Day In The Garden: Gardening In Springtime

By Nikki Tilley | May 13, 2021
Image by Julia_Kuleshova
by Nikki Tilley
May 13, 2021

When is the best time to garden? Every day is the perfect day to garden, even if it’s indoors, but my favorite time to enjoy a perfect day in the garden is during spring. 

Gardening in Springtime

The spring garden is filled with anticipation as new life begins. Starting early with the first morning songs from my sweet robin, I man my station in the garden, hose in hand, giving the plants a quick drink to help quench their thirst as they wake from a long winter’s nap. This includes a light misting in the greenhouse as the young seedlings stretch their little limbs and the sun begins peeking over the horizon. Then it’s time for weeding, though I take care to keep a chosen few for their beneficial uses. Depending on the extent of growth and amount of rainfall, this could become a tedious and lengthy event, but one that I somehow find rather relaxing. It’s a time to contemplate and reflect. I use this time wisely, especially when there’s something weighing heavy on me. When I’m done, I usually have an answer and most always walk away feeling whole again, and maybe a little tired too. I’m no spring chicken anymore!

Occasionally I just sit, coffee in hand, and admire the new plants pushing their way up through the soil, or daydream of those yet to come… my garden is continually changing. I watch as the bees and butterflies start to emerge, landing on the dandelions and other spring flowers that have finally opened and welcomed their visits. I smile at the squirrels playing amongst the trees, and talk to them too. I listen to the wind as it blows nature’s seeds across the landscape and the sounds of other birds chirping and singing their springtime songs.

Before I know it, time has quickly passed and I’m reminded there’s still work yet to be done. New beds need to be put in, and soil needs amending for plants soon to follow. The list of which may be long, depending on the current plan – or what letter of the alphabet any “Plan B” has evolved into. This year, thus far, has included a new play garden for the grandkids with a sensory space (instead of just a path) consisting of various textures – bark mulch, pebbles, grass, rubber mulch matting, and stepping stones (also having different textures). There’s a small berm that will become home to wildflowers, encouraging and teaching the importance of pollinators. They have a covered sandbox and a soil-filled sink for digging, and a child sized planter to grow their own plants. As time allows, there will be a vine covered arbor over a portion of pathway leading to the back garden, and a Mickey Mouse topiary from my GKH family. I hope the kiddos can enjoy a perfect day in this garden as their Nana does in hers.

By day’s end, after all the digging, planting, mulching, weeding, pruning, watering and whatever else the garden requires, I’m back to my gardening bench, often joined by my dog, where I once again delight in the little things that make life worth living. When is best time to garden? Every day is the perfect day to garden. And a perfect day in the garden, for me, begins in spring when the temperatures are just right and life begins anew.

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