Growing Outdoor Plants On Balconettes

By Tonya Barnett | May 11, 2021
by Tonya Barnett
May 11, 2021

I started gardening over a decade ago. Looking back, I honestly could have never imagined that my hobby would have managed to evolve into a serious passion for growing plants. At the time, I was very active at my local community garden and enjoyed the hours that I spent there tending my small plot. When returning home, I often missed being able to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. I was living in a very old apartment building in my city’s historic district. Though its close proximity to work was its main draw, I couldn’t help but appreciate the ornate architecture of the building. 

Gardening at Home

One of my favorite aspects of the structure, aside from its friendly tenants, was its immense portes-fenetres windows. From floor to ceiling, light would beam through the windows each evening and fill the entire apartment with warmth. Just outside the window, there was a small balconette, sometimes known as a ‘Juliet’ balcony. 

On a particularly nice spring day, I noticed something out of the ordinary while walking home from work. As I approached the building, I was met with a profusion of color bursting from the balconette of my neighbor below. Large masses of pansies and alyssum flowers enveloped the entire railing. It was beautiful!

Soon, I found myself thinking about ways in which I could enhance my own small outdoor growing space. Though I already grew a couple houseplants indoors, there was nowhere near enough room to place any pots outside. To make this small balcony space work, I knew I would need to begin exploring the concept of growing vertically

My Balcony Garden

Before planting, I consulted the building manager regarding the rules and restrictions for the balconette. Though I was allowed to grow plants outdoors, I would need to be certain that no damage was done to the building. This meant that all hanging and wall-mounted planters were prohibited. After a brief trip to the home improvement store, I settled upon the purchase of three resin deck rail planters. I was pleased to find that their antiqued, rustic appearance complimented the building perfectly. I fastened them to the railing securely, so that there was no risk that they could fall. Then, I filled them with colorful summer blooming annuals. Over the next months, I would be rewarded with an unforgettable cascade of vibrant flowers.

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