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By Bonnie Grant | June 15, 2021
Image by MaYcaL
by Bonnie Grant
June 15, 2021

Big lot, lots of grass. That sums up our new property. There is a lot of dirt too, but the amount of sod is overwhelming. After the annual fertilizing, the grass really takes off and I’m often doing the lawn mowing a couple of times per week. I also had to move hoses daily to get it watered. It was really taking a toll on my other chores and I knew something had to be done. So I took matters into my own hands and now I can reap the rewards. 

At the end of season sales last fall I made a major purchase. It has been sitting in the garage all winter and it’s time to break it out. It’s a rider mower. This little beauty promises to make my summer more fun filled, less back breaking, and free up more time. Lawn mowing promises to be much easier in the future. It’s not the only thing I am doing to make my summer more amazing. I am also installing an irrigation system

Laboring in the Heat

I wake up at the crack of dawn to start moving hoses and sprinklers in the summer. I want to get the watering done before the heat of the day evaporates all the moisture. While working, I have to take breaks to move the sprinklers to the next sites. It is disruptive, exhausting, and the last thing I want to do right as I leave my cozy bed. By the time it is safe to make a lot of noise, I am then out (several times during the week), mowing and edging. By the time I have these 2 chores finished, the heat is too intense to do much else. 

By the end of last season, I knew these methods weren’t lifestyle choices that I wanted to keep. So I got my little rider mower and began plotting an irrigation system. The back is now done and I am ready to start on the front and sides. It has been a labor intensive project that makes my back and hands sore, but as soon as I finished the back, I knew I had made the right choice. Once I have the irrigation system done, I can set timers and forget about watering. I can mount my rider mower with a cool beverage of my choice and cruise around the lawn. 

A More Relaxing Summer

Because of these two items, I am looking forward to summer more than ever. I can enjoy the quiet, cool mornings with a cup of coffee, rather than sprinting around shifting hoses. I can indulge in fun projects, rather than busting my tushie mowing. I can enjoy my gorgeous green turf, rather than cursing it. 

Prior to selecting these two systems, I had to do a lot of research. I had never installed irrigation systems before, so I knew I needed to really look into the project. I decided to buy one of the packaged irrigation systems. It came with everything I needed and all I had to do was design where the sprinkler heads would go and do the digging. Similarly I had to research rider mowers. Having never had one before, I needed it to do the job, last, and be small enough to fit through the fences. So far, I have checked all the boxes on both items. 

The thing I am most looking forward to this summer is ease of lifestyle. Summer should be enjoyed. I should focus on my fruits and veggies rather than the grass. Now, I can loll in my green grass but not have to face the tiring maintenance. I’m so happy.

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