Self Professed Houseplant Hoarder

By Amy Grant | February 11, 2022
by Amy Grant
February 11, 2022

I’m not a huge collector of much with the exception of jigsaw puzzles, books and plants. I find sane (to me) reasons to collect these items and try not to tip over into the hoarding category. Actually my partner harps on me occasionally to go through my collections and whittle them down to a dull roar. 

Culling the Collection

So it is with my houseplant collection. Recently even I was struck by how many plants had taken up residence. So, I did a little culling. Getting rid of plants is difficult for me. I’ve been caring for these living creatures so I can’t just throw them out. 

Luckily I have a plant loving family. I gave some succulents to my sister that had been nurtured in the succulent nursery, some gerbera to my mother along with a pothos and a few other houseplants I had started in various containers; and to my aunt I bequeathed a division of the clivia lily. 

I couldn’t get anyone to accept more of my plants so I turned to social media, thereby ridding the house of a few more plants without resorting to death by compost or garbage. 

I still ended up with 10 houseplants; a nice round number I think, and much less than I started out with. So the thing is, I see that there are some bare spots in areas. Spots that would look better with a nice houseplant or two…

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