It’s My Garden, And I Want A Small Pond

By Nikki Tilley | July 22, 2021
Image by alexeys
by Nikki Tilley
July 22, 2021

My husband and I have deal, of sorts. He’s in charge of the lawn care and any gardening is my domain. Okay then. It’s my garden and I’ll plant how and what I want to.

Conquering My Landscaping Holy Grail

Most people know that I’m not one to follow the rules, at least when it comes to landscaping. I color outside the lines. I don’t feel the need to create my garden within the confines of specific “Dos and Don’ts.” I do what I want, where I want, and how I want. At least I try to. Hubby keeps a fairly tight rein on “his” yard space, which I slowly carve away at every chance I get. I’m always on the lookout for new garden real estate. I mean a girl’s gotta have her plants and a place to put them too, am I right?

In my garden, with all its wonder and chaos, there’s still that one landscaping holy grail I’ve yet to attain”¦ an enchanting backyard water garden. I have a few small water features, some bird baths, a water basin for small wildlife to drink, and even something for the bees, but I’ve always wanted a small garden pond. My mom has one and I love it. The soothing sounds from the bubbling fountain, the chorus of croaks from resident frogs and the naturalistic plants that form its edges bring about an inner peace and tranquility. I want to mimic this same look and feel in my own garden.

I just have nowhere adequate to put one, at least not yet. I’m working on it though. My mind is swimming through ideas. I’ve located a possible site suitable enough for a small water garden. Getting hubby on board is the main issue at the moment. Making this idea come to life means taking out a small patch of his prized lawn. Oh, say it isn’t so! I don’t share the same passion for lawns as he does. I would rather have more garden space. He is all about chasing the perfect green lawn. Blah!

I’ve tried searching for other less conspicuous locales to keep his precious lawn in place, but nothing else really fits my vision or pond requirements. This one area, where by the way the grass doesn’t even grow that well, gets plenty of sun and is closer to the house. It’s on an incline, perfect for adding a small waterfall, and is adjacent to an existing garden bed – which could always use a facelift, a little nip of something here and a plant tucked there. Works for me. Problem is this will require some digging to create a level enough area for the pond itself, an undertaking well beyond my ability alone. I mentioned grass doesn’t grow good here”¦ well that’s because the soil, a not-so-lovely red clay, is somewhat compacted and likely hasn’t been worked since well before my time. Digging there will be like drilling in concrete. UGH!

That said, it’s my garden (dream) and I’ll plant what I want to, even if it’s a small garden pond. I will make it happen – one day.

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