Spring Has Sprung… Sort of

By Amy Grant | March 4, 2021
Image by Animaflora
by Amy Grant
March 4, 2021

Spring has sprung… in my mind at least. At this writing we still several until the calendar declares that the spring equinox is upon us, but that doesn’t mean that my mind hasn’t wandered to all the tasks I can hardly wait to tackle in the garden. 

In the meantime, I have forced tulips and hyacinth and an unusual orange amaryllis to cheer me up until I can play outside. 

So what have I been daydreaming about with regard to spring? Starting seeds for the veggie garden is a priority, and there is nothing better than watching the delicate green seedlings push forth — especially when a wayward snowstorm hits at the end of March as it is wont to do. 

Planning for Spring

The only problem here is I get so anxious to start the seeds that I’ve been known to jump the gun, so to speak, ending up with leggy, yellowing seedlings that are past ready for the garden, yet the garden is nowhere near warm enough

The biggest thing I have been dreaming about doing in the spring is getting my hands dirty and breaking all my nails. The nails look pretty good right now but that all comes to a screeching halt as soon as the weather shifts enough for me to get outside. 

And the weather doesn’t have to shift too much for me to get outside. Rain doesn’t bother me since I have my “pickle suit,” a green waterproof onesie that keeps me warm and dry. 

I long to cut back the perennials, dig compost into the veggie beds, stake up my huge peonies, clean the birdbath now that it isn’t frozen, plant summer bulbs and a myriad of other garden related projects I’ve been dreaming up all winter. I’m even looking forward to weeding!

If you love gardening as I do, I’m sure many of you have been dreaming about gardening too. Especially during this COVID winter where many of us are staying at home, bored out of our gourds, willing to give anything to just go weed already!

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