The Weather Outside Is Delightful

By Amy Grant | October 11, 2021
Image by James Andrews
by Amy Grant
October 11, 2021

It’s no secret that I adore fall. Don’t get me wrong, spring comes in a very close second; the other two seasons are a bit much for me: too much as in too cold or too hot. Fall is sublime. I love the temperatures in fall, which tend to get warm but not miserably so, and tend to cool rapidly as the days wane. 

The cooler temperatures make it a joy to work or relax outdoors. Gardening is especially pleasurable — not only due to the pleasant weather but also the lack of bugs! 

Gardening in Fall

Early fall will still have me harvesting tomatoes, green beans, and plenty of herbs. Many of my blooming perennials have given up the ghost but Rudbeckia ‘Autumn Sun,’ in all its 7 foot (2 m.) glory, and variegated Heliopsis ‘Sunburst’ provide ample cheer in the landscape.

When the gardening is done for the day, I love to hang out on our lanai curled up with a good book, occasionally taking a break to watch the dog dive into the hedge after who knows what or a squirrel digging a walnut into the grass. 

The wind whistling through the tall ornamental grasses and the dappled light glinting through the weaving boughs of grape make for a relaxing backdrop. 

As evening approaches, we might fire up the barbeque and while the steaks are sizzling, indulge in an adult beverage while listening to some relaxing music and/or watch the magical lighting at the gloaming when the world seems full of possibilities 

Backyard in the Fall

As fall edges towards winter and the evenings get darker earlier, we don’t abandon our outdoor seating area. Oh no, we just add layers of clothing, a throw over the legs, and a propane heater that does double duty as a light and heat source. 

I make fall sound utopic, but even fall has its days of fury. On those days when the wind is whipped into a frenzy and the heavy rains and fog make visibility difficult, we can still be found outside on the lanai; more than likely hoping for a thunderstorm to watch. 

It isn’t until the first snow flies or when daytime temperatures dip below freezing that we abandon our post outside until the end of winter– when the promise of spring is suggested by a 40 degree F. (4 C.) day. At that time, we can again be found outside on the lanai waiting patiently for the snow to melt or even encouraging it to melt by flinging shovelfuls into sun filled areas of the yard. 

You see, by the end of winter fall is just a memory, but spring is a tantalizing dream that we will wake to, if we but only open our eyes.  

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