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By Bonnie Grant | February 4, 2022
Image by puhimec
by Bonnie Grant
February 4, 2022

I remember my first houseplant like it was yesterday. I was in college and I got a baby Dracaena plant. It was called a rainbow tree, and had pink and green striped foliage. I had it in a little pot on top of the commode for a couple of years but soon it got too large. I sadly lost the plant, but have managed to fill its place with a multitude of beauties. 

Collecting Indoor Plants

I’m one of those people that gives a plant for birthdays and other occasions, whether my receiver can grow plants or not. And my favorite present to receive is a plant. Fortunately, everyone knows they can’t go wrong with some indoor flora, so I am the grateful mama of many houseplants

My home has low light in most rooms, but the living room and dining room boast huge picture windows. These are on the west side of the house and bring in amazing light. Those 2 rooms alone contain around 15 plants. My Norfolk pine (which doubles as a Christmas tree) is monstrous, nearly topping the ceiling. The African violets are blooming, and the split leaf philodendron looks like something straight from the jungle even though I got it at Home Depot. Bromeliads, cacti, jade tree, a prayer plant, mother-in-law’s tongue, and more decorate the rooms. Then there are some low light plants dotted around our bedroom and the guestroom. I move some of these around to give them better light or bring plant lights in for them in winter. 

My Houseplant Collection

The room that is really top heavy with indoor plants is my office. I have a 3 tiered plant shelf that I topped with a grow light. Here I can nurture my pomegranate, basil, lemon tree, bromeliad, and Christmas cactus. The table and chair set up on the corner is not really useful because I have another plant light on it, as well as a plethora of foliaged babies. I also have a mini greenhouse where I raise lettuce and some other edibles during winter. It transitions to my starter space when it is time to seed long season veggies and fruits. I have some air plants dangling from the curtain rod over the window. I even have some bulbs going. An Amaryllis is beginning to show signs of blooming and my paper whites are getting tall and should soon have starry white flowers. 

Many of my indoor plants are starts from my Mum and sister. They too, have the green thumb and love for plants. My kitchen window often has a cutting in water, a pineapple top, or avocado pit beginning to sprout. I love these “freebies” as much as the ones that I purchased. 

I adore gardening outside, but all the greenery inside makes me happy during the dormant season. I always wonder how people can survive without plants and animals in their home. Happily, I don’t have that problem with 6 cats and around 30 houseplants. 

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