Type A/B Gardener

By Amy Grant | February 2, 2022
Image by Pauws99
by Amy Grant
February 2, 2022

I would describe myself as “Type A” in many areas of my life. I’m organized, impatient, and a multi-tasker. On the other hand, a Type A personality is described as being competitive and of associating self-worth with achievement, which absolutely does not describe me. 

Type B personalities tend to focus more on the journey and are more relaxed than their Type A counterparts. I would say that my garden style is definitely in the Type B department. 

Going with the Flow

I do like things tidy and organized, but not to such an extreme that I obsess over it. It is fairly difficult to get Mother Nature in line. She has her own agenda, after all. This means that when gardening, you (I mean me) need to go with the flow. 

This doesn’t mean that everything in the garden is wild and out of hand but I am not one to plant in straight lines or color code my perennial gardens. There are weeds. Not a lot of them, but weeds nonetheless. 

Fun and Friends First

I like the lawn edged, but if it’s 105 F (41 C.), skip it — for weeks if necessary. For that matter, if I have the option of going to a friend’s birthday party or deadheading, I’m going to the party. 

Even when I have a lot on my plate, however, I find time each day to get out into the garden, but it isn’t always so I can do some garden related chores. Sometimes it’s just to play with the dog, read a book in the sun, or gather herbs or veggies for dinner. The rest of it can wait, at least for a while.

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