Easy Indoor Garden With Water Propagation

By Nikki Tilley | February 21, 2022
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by Nikki Tilley
February 21, 2022

One of best ways to increase your houseplant collection cheaply is throughout plant propagation. I prefer water propagating plants.

Easy Indoor Garden with Water Propagation

Growing plants in water throughout the year is my go-to trick for creating more of the plants I love. There’s actually a number of plants that respond favorably to growing and rooting in water. While most of these will, in fact, get replanted in soil once they’ve established a good root system, many of my water propagated plants will continue to grow in their water-bound environment year round. And there’s so many ways to enjoy them. I have various bottles of cuttings all around my home. There are larger plants that grow in fancy vases and others in pitchers. I even have a “curtain” of pothos plants hanging from a window, all growing in water.

In addition to water propagating different types of pothos, I have inch plants, ivy, goldfish plant and lucky bamboo. There are succulents, yes succulents, growing in water too – both an aloe and a jade plant. There’s also philodendron and begonia. My African hosta thrives in a bulb jar. My scented geranium, sweet potato vine, coleus and spider plants root easily in water. And they look pretty too. Then there’s herb plants in the kitchen, like basil. I like to regrow veggies in water for an interesting, and even useful, display. Lettuce, green onions and carrots are just a few.

It’s no wonder why I’ve managed to acquire over a hundred plants inside. Half are growing in water! It’s that easy. And it’s a great way to overwinter and enjoy some of my favorite garden plants all season. The best part of water propagating plants is that I don’t forget about watering them. I do have to change out the water and occasionally add water-soluble fertilizer as needed. Other than that, though, there’s little maintenance required. Just take a cutting, stick it in water and enjoy. For me, there’s nothing better than an easy indoor garden I can take pleasure in all year long.

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