Watering During Hot Spells Saves Plants

By Susan Albert | August 20, 2022
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by Susan Albert
August 20, 2022

If you’ve ever been lured into a late summer plant sale on the premise of falling prices, you know what I mean when I say it’s important to water anything planted during the dog days of summer

How To Care For New Plants In Late Summer

A sale price is important, yes, but keeping the plants alive till the cooler days of fall may be more than you bargained for. A newly planted perennial needs time to become established, and when heat is excessive, you may have to water every day. 

I have been enticed into the late summer sales many times, and it is so easy to forget to water everyday once they are planted. The dry soil and summer heat can quickly decimate a plant’s roots. It’s essential to get any new plants into the watering rotation, and more often, if needed. 

An established plant is more capable of withstanding drought and high temperatures. Newly planted species will succumb quickly if left on their own. Plant your sale finds as usual, watering well afterwards. It is important to check the soil every day, and water when it starts to dry. Hold off on any fertilizer, which could easily burn the roots in hot weather.  

How Long Does It Take For New Plants To Become Established?

It may take four to six weeks for the new plants to establish. Then it should be capable of a little drought and the upcoming winter season. However, don’t forget your new plants during winter. Water them well at least once a month to carry them through the dormant season. I have diligently watered a new perennial till it established, only to lose it during a dry winter. To this day I often forego the late summer sales, because quite often, the new acquisitions don’t make it to the new year. 

So, take my advice and always baby your summer-sale finds with water till the cooler days of fall. Then, remember not to give up care yet. Mulch the new plants well before cold weather hits and it will help insulate them from winter’s chill.

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