Wedding Bells!

By Bonnie Grant | July 19, 2022
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by Bonnie Grant
July 19, 2022

When we bought our first house, we settled in for a year or so to just enjoy the experience. Then we got the bright idea to get married. Upon researching sites, we realized that pricing was out of our range now that we had a hefty mortgage. But being the thrifty bride I was, I came up with a better idea. Use our patio and garden as the back drop for the nuptials. 

A Wedding in the Garden

Summer weddings are all the rage, now and decades ago. But the competition for venues is fierce and expensive. You often need to book several years in advance in the city. Putting out that much money leaves little left for a reception, catering, music, and other touches on the big day. That is why we decided to use our backyard. 

We put in a pond and water fall in our new home. It already had a big entertainment deck to which we added a bluestone patio. All that was lacking was plantings. I set about choosing a theme, which was tropical. Everything, including my dress was a riot of exotic flowers. I planted canna and other vibrant flowers that would bloom right around our wedding day. I also painted the house that spring to spruce things up. 

The night before, my parents arrived. Luckily, I managed a cafe and catering operation and was able to use the folding wooden chairs for seating. We set up chairs, a beverage station, small buffet, and added other touches. By the time we were done that evening it began to rain! I spent a sleepless night, wondering if the rain would recur the next day or if we would have sunshine. I woke to sun and just had to use some towels to dry the chairs. 

The guest list was small- just family. We didn’t have to do much decorating because the flowers were in full swing just in time. Indoors, I brought some of the blooms in to fancy up the house. My sister and I made a light meal to serve with champagne. I did my own hair and makeup. Everything was so easy. 

When it came time for my Dad to walk me out the door to the front of the pond, my Mum cued the Wedding March. We hadn’t rehearsed, but it all seemed to go without a hitch. My groom waited for me in front of the officiate, while the water fall burbled gently behind. All the family were taking pictures, which saved getting a photographer. The words were said and we all cheered and hugged and kissed. 

Then the bubbly was popped and toasts made on the deck. Refreshments were ready and everyone got a nosh while we visited and caught up. The deck sound system played a quite play list devised by the groom. The sun shone, and it was perfect.

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