Winning The Window Lottery

By Bonnie Grant | April 13, 2021
Image by Derkien
by Bonnie Grant
April 13, 2021

Our new home came with a magical feature: A set of double windows that give us a 90 degree view. These are positioned toward the west so we get amazing sunsets. They also happen to be just outside our dirt farm and looking towards some funky grain silos that we call “The Pyramids.” Not only do we have those windows, but all our front and side rooms sport monstrous views of our landscape. They are an excellent way of watching wildlife and native animals.

We won the lottery when it comes to windows. Thankfully they are triple paned and don’t leak all our heat; doubly thankful that they’re so big. We have unobstructed panoramas throughout our home. The living room has the best vista, providing an aspect of our dirt farm, as well as a look out into the wheat fields. The closer outlook reveals the growth of our little orchard. The 4 year old trees are doing beautifully, and we can watch as they begin to bud out. Over the season, we can view the fruit developing. 

Seasonal Colors – Crops and Flowers

Looking farther out, we can see the wheat fields. Winter wheat is already greening the hills and will become golden in a few months. In areas where canola is planted, we can enjoy bright gold blooms in late summer. Whole swaths will be painted with cheery yellow, a glorious display that never fails to cheer. 

In a few months, we can also look forward to a platoon of sunflowers. These are my mate’s tribute to me, my favorite flowers. Every year without fail, he plants them to please me. And please me they do, with their sunny heads full of golden petals and ripening seeds. We get some of the seed to eat and save, while the rest go to feed the flocks of birds that over winter in our yard. 

Visiting Wildlife 

We can also watch big deer saunter into the area and nibble on various plants. These are rather annoying but are kept at bay with regular spraying of deterrents. Our rule is to plant enough for the wildlife so if they encroach, they won’t steal all our food. This up close look at native animals is delightful and a rare chance to see how they act in the wild. So far, no damage has been severe enough to warrant any extra measures to keep them out. We have deer fence around the trees to protect them until they get big enough to sustain the occasional nibble. Watching wildlife is a great joy and a few little bites are a small price to pay. 

Birds are another fun animal to watch. We have mourning doves by the drove, little sparrows, brightly colored finch, and many more varieties. We even get a visit from the occasional hawk and owl. When winter is over, the flickers come pecking at trees, flashing their red markings. The best are the little family groups of quail. One is always the watcher and calls out any danger for the ground foraging family. In our neck of the woods, we also claim wild pheasants, with their attendant eye catching foliage. It’s a veritable wild bird paradise in our garden. 

Sky Colors

Did I mention sunsets? This time of year they occur around 6:00 p.m. and rival any I have seen from a tropical beach. The colors are intense, hues of bright pink, orange, coral, and purple. We make it a habit to snuggle up at that time and enjoy the sun setting, and the darker purple creep around the edges as the day ends. Accompanied by a glass of wine, few activities are as pleasing and peaceful. 

Our view from these windows is more than a visual treat; it has become a day’s end ritual. 

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