A Mix Of Work And Rest

By Mary Ellen Ellis | June 27, 2021
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by Mary Ellen Ellis
June 27, 2021

For me, a perfect day in the garden includes elements out of my control, like the weather. It also includes a balance of work and rest, time to feel accomplished and time to relax and enjoy what I’ve worked hard to accomplish. 

The Perfect Day is Usually a Sunday

During the week, of course, I work. Saturdays are usually devoted to household chores, hanging out with friends, and going for a long run. That leaves Sunday as the best garden day. I have the luxury to spend most of the day out there, working and enjoying. 

Sunday Mornings in the Garden

I prefer to get work done early in order to enjoy the day and the garden later, but I also don’t like to rush it. A perfect Sunday morning starts with a leisurely breakfast and a cup of tea outside on the patio with a book or the newspaper. 

Then I spend an hour or so weeding while the soil is still moist and soft. This makes it much easier to pull weeds. I might do it quietly and meditatively or put on an audiobook or podcast to listen while working. 

Later in the morning, I’ll do some other chores, whatever needs doing, but of course only after another relaxing cup of tea on the patio. Chores may include deadheading, cutting back perennials, trimming shrubs, or cleaning and organizing tools. 

Sunday Afternoons in the Garden

After a lunch and a break to watch some TV, my Sunday afternoon is for tackling a special project. It might be a trip to the garden center for new plants or tools. Sometimes it’s putting in a new perennial. Often, the Sunday chore is bringing my large terrarium outdoors for a refresh or an entirely new planting. 

A perfect day means not overdoing it, so I only spend a couple of afternoon hours on a project before calling it quits for the day. 

Sunday Evening – Time to Relax and Enjoy

Late afternoon and into the evening, in the summer of course, is the perfect time to just sit on the patio, enjoying the garden. Sometimes I read, other times I just sit and watch the birds and squirrels. 

I might enjoy a dessert and a cup of herbal tea or share a bottle of wine with my husband. Sometimes, I invite my neighbor over or go sit on her back patio where I get a different view of my garden. 

Work and rest in balance makes a perfect day for me. I like to get things done, but I need time to relax too, so this is how I build my favorite day of the week in warm weather.

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