Keeping it Cool with Coolibar Hats

By Nikki Tilley | April 11, 2017
Image by Nikki Tiley
by Nikki Tilley
April 11, 2017

Ok, so I will be the first to admit that hats aren’t typically my thing. It’s not that I have anything personally against wearing them, but more times than not they’re simply too hot or don’t fit right – you know those “one size” type deals that usually wind up being way too big (as is often the case with me) or far too small. Well, I am happy to say that for once I was wrong.

In my line of work, I am oftentimes fortunate enough to try out various garden products. And as a gardener, this can be a great way to find new stuff for the garden, or myself, that I might otherwise not know about. Case in point, my new gardening hat from Coolibar. Of course, hats aren’t all the products they feature, but the hat was something I was more interested in trying (hey, I’m here to be honest!).

The hat I chose was the Marina Sun Hat, in taupe, though they have many other colors to choose from, along with a number of other hat types – across the board for men, women and children. I liked the overall style of this one the best. In addition to the style, my interest was piqued by the fact that all their hats offer dependable UV protection. Remember, I’m a gardener and outdoors much of the time so sunlight is something I cannot avoid, and my raw chicken white skin can attest to that once it’s turned a nice lobster red after forgetting my sunscreen. Not fun! So the idea of having a hat that can help block out the sun’s harsh rays was appealing to me.

Another feature I find important is how the hat fits and if it will stay in place while working outside. I actually put this one to the test doing some early spring pruning on a blustery afternoon, and I’m happy to say that this ONE SIZE not only fit my head rather comfortably, but it stayed there. Not once did I have to hold the thing in place to keep the wind from lifting it off my head. And then there’s the previously mentioned “hats tend to be too hot” factor. Surprisingly, not this one. I would have expected sweat drenching my brow by the time my son had finished working me near to death pruning this and that”¦and cleaning up all the brush to boot. But, nope. I was perfectly comfortable the whole time, barely even noticing I was wearing the hat at all. I did, however, notice the aching bones after all that work!

I guess being wrong isn’t always that bad (don’t let the hubby know this). It’s great to know there are companies out there, like Coolibar, in touch with all the latest trends and important concerns consumers have. And since this comfy hat worked so well in the garden but is stylish enough to wear elsewhere, like a trip to the beach, I might just take it with me wherever I go. Did I mention it folds up easily too while maintaining its shape after? Now I can keep cool while looking the part and protecting myself at the same time!

The above article was written in exchange for free product from Coolibar. The information contained in this article may contain links that lead to the advertiser’s website or products.
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