Why a Gorilla Cart Is Better Than a Wheelbarrow

By Shelley Pierce | May 12, 2016
Image by Shelley Pierce
by Shelley Pierce
May 12, 2016

As we give birth to our gardens every year we experience labor pains.  If you have ever hauled a weighted down wheelbarrow, you know exactly what I am talking about.  The tell-tale grunts as you push (and push) the wheelbarrow across the yard, the gasps as you try to negotiate turns, the loud straining noise associated with hoisting and dumping and the resigned sigh acknowledging the many wheelbarrow loads your poor back has yet to endure.

I recently had the opportunity to assemble and test drive the Heavy Duty Poly Cart (GOR10-COM) from Gorilla Carts and I can say that it’s high time to convert that gardening relic known as ‘the wheelbarrow’ into a garden planter for annuals and perennial flowers.   Your back will thank you.

The Gorilla Cart was quick and easy to assemble and completed in less than an hour.  And, when I say this, it means a lot.  I am not mechanically inclined whatsoever and past experiences with other assemblies have reduced me to the fetal position after hours of frustration.  The assembly (and initial storage) of the Gorilla Cart should occur in a well-ventilated area as the tires on the cart do emanate a strong odor that wears off gradually over time.

The GOR10-COM Gorilla Cart is designed to tackle heavy duty landscaping and gardening projects with a rugged steel frame, a potential load capacity of 1500lbs/10 cu ft, a bed size of 49.6″L x 32.6″W x 12″H and four 15″ pneumatic tires.  This, however, may be too much Gorilla for you.  Whether you do small-scale or large-scale gardening, there is a Gorilla Cart out there specifically for you. They are offered with smaller beds in other load bearing sizes, such as 600 lb and 800 lb.

If I were to assign the Gorilla Cart a buzz word, it would be ‘COMFORTABLE’.  Unlike a wheelbarrow, a heavy load is easy and effortless to transport with a Gorilla Cart. The patented 2-in-1 cushioned handle can be used to easily pull the cart by hand or easily converted into an ATV or tractor hook-up for an easy tow.  Stability is always a concern with a wheelbarrow but not with a Gorilla Cart, courtesy of a four wheel design that maximizes stability on all terrain.  No more weebling and wobbling trying to balance a wheelbarrow load – that is just monkey’s business.  The Gorilla Cart also features a fast release dumping mechanism which, when pulled outward and lifted, makes completely emptying the cart an easy task.

If you’re a gardener with back ailments or want to prevent becoming a gardener with back ailments, I would highly recommend the Gorilla Cart over a traditional wheelbarrow.  I was truly amazed by how well the Gorilla Cart maneuvered heavy loads and easily negotiated tight turns with minimal effort on my part.

For more information about Gorilla Carts, please visit their website www.gorillacarts.com or connect with them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/gorillacarts.

The above article was written in exchange for free product from Gorilla Carts. The information contained in this article may contain links that lead to the advertiser’s website or products.
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  • Daniel Warner
    Comment added October 25, 2017Reply

    Gorilla cart is the great cart.I like gorilla cart. Thank you for shear a beautiful article.

  • Jessica Allen
    Comment added May 14, 2016Reply

    We have a Gorilla Cart and LOVE it -- it's easy to maneuver around our beds, handles heavy loads and the tipping feature is ideal for dumping mulch/compost!

  • Tisa Johnson
    Comment added May 12, 2016Reply

    My wheelbarrow with 3 wheels can not be as good as this, it's constantly tipping over, 4 wheels have got to be better than 3

  • Stan The Rose Man
    Comment added May 12, 2016Reply

    Great article and awesome cart!! Pricing one now.

  • Stan The Rose Man
    Comment added May 12, 2016Reply

    These are just what my wife and I have been looking for. We will be going to our local Tractor Supply Store to price one and see what we can bring on home. Fine article and most helpful!

  • Joanna
    Comment added May 12, 2016Reply

    This looks like it would be very useful for me. Easier to handle.

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