How to Make Plant Nook in a Book

By Nikki Tilley | June 28, 2017
by Nikki Tilley
June 28, 2017

I saw this somewhere while scouring the web, maybe it was Pinterest, who knows. At any rate, I loved the idea of it, especially since I’m an avid reader and book lover. For those like myself, you’ve likely managed to collect a slew of ever-growing piles of books and nowhere really to keep them other than stacks that are strewn about here and there”¦still you cannot seem to part with them. Besides reading, I love gardening and reusing stuff – upcycling is the word for it now days. So the thought of taking an old book, of which I have many, and reusing it in a different way that also included plants piqued my interest.

-placead-I didn’t want to use just any book. I wanted one of the really old ones to give my “nook-book” planter a more vintage-like appeal. I actually chose a couple books so I could stack one on top of the other as I normally would anyway, and two that fit my “quirky” personality – Desireé and The Dark and Bloody Ground. Yours needn’t be so dramatic, but feel free to make it your own like you would for a recipe. Give it a unique twist.

Books in hand I set out to locate the other items on the list, hoping I wouldn’t have to run out to the store for anything. (Yes, I’m a bit lazy that way.) Here’s what I used, and you can, of course, substitute for other similar things if you want”¦remember, this is your project:

  • Box cutter or craft knife
  • Wax paper (may also use parchment paper, plastic or foil)
  • A few small plants (succulents work well since they need less water or maintenance)
  • Potting soil (cactus mix is good too)
  • Glue (any type really)
  • Water bottle to spray plants
  • Moss and/or decorative items (optional)
  • Small pebbles/gravels (optional)

To begin, spread a thin layer of glue around the book edges just to help keep them in place. It also adds some extra protection I think when it comes to watering/spraying your plants. At this point I glued my two stacked books together. This isn’t necessary if only using one.

Now you need to cut out the “nook” for your plants. Size depends on the number of plants and how big your book is. This part takes a while, so be patient. You need to continually cut through the layers of pages, removing them as you go, until you reach the desired depth for your planting.

Line your nook with whatever water-repelling material you chose, allowing it to overlap onto the book for now.


Then it’s time to gather your plants and place them and the soil into the cutout you made. If it’s deep enough, you can go the extra mile by adding a thin layer of pebbles in the bottom. Put your soil over this and then add your plants, filling in around them as you go.

Finish it off by adding in some moss or stones, if desired, which simply helps keep the plants moist longer while making it look pretty. Then cut off the outer edges of the paper (water repelling material) so that it doesn’t show.

Mist your plants well and add any additional decorative materials or leave it be, watering with the spray bottle as needed. That’s all there is to it and now you have a cute little “plant nook” in a book.







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