Planting Trees In Autumn – Now Is The Best Time To Plant Trees

By Caroline Bloomfield | November 20, 2019
by Caroline Bloomfield
November 20, 2019

Have you wondered about the best time to plant trees? It’s right now, in the beautiful days of fall when there’s a distinct nip in the air.

Perhaps you have a few spots picked out where shade or a fruit tree would be perfect. Maybe you’d love the color burst of maple trees next autumn, or some screening with privacy trees or tall shrubs and hedges. If your garden design is all about beauty, then some flowering trees might be perfect. But, with all the approaching holiday bustle, it may not make sense to spend your time going tree shopping.

If you don’t feel like getting in your vehicle to shop for trees, here’s a perfect solution. Go online and look at the incredible selection at These folks make sure your new trees get delivered safely, promptly and securely right to your door in perfect condition. Even better, they provide expertise and support for planting and nurturing them. 

Why Plant Trees in Fall?

You may have thought trees need to be planted in the spring, but that’s not true. Here’s the reason. Most trees want to go to sleep for the winter. If you get a tree acclimated to its new environment before the weather gets deeply cold, its roots will establish more quickly and grow stronger.

Tree planting in fall requires less water and, when the sun comes out and the ground warms up in spring, your trees are more likely to get a big burst of energy. The sooner your fledgling trees get into their new homes this fall, the sooner they’ll produce lots of leaves, flowers and even fruit in the upcoming year.  

Isn’t it Too Soon to Plant Trees?

Planting trees in autumn is great for trees, and also for those of us planting them. The weather is no longer scorching and, in most areas, the biting cold hasn’t yet arrived. Even in areas where frost has already hit, it typically comes and goes for a while before any deep winter freeze sets in. Now is the perfect time for your new tree to get cozy in its new home.

The Best Way to Buy Trees

New trees should always be super healthy with a well-established root system. An award-winning, highly touted company, FastGrowingTrees sells only top-quality trees that have been carefully nurtured, with care and detailed attention paid to each plant during growing, packaging and shipping. Trees are shipped direct to you from growing locations throughout the country. Check out their Alive and Thrive TM guarantee, and the option for extended warranty and next day delivery.

The FastGrowingTrees website offers thousands of different landscaping ideas, shrubs, and trees for every imaginable growing situation. Search around the site for type, size, environment requirements, available sunlight and many other specifics you need. You can peruse flowering, fruiting or evergreen trees in the comfort of your home. Beautiful photos will give you new ideas. Prices are clearly marked, and you can find the best plantings for your particular hardiness zone. There’s a link at the top of the page for that if you don’t already know it. It’s an easy, no-stress shopping trip.

As you plan your own landscaping project, don’t forget how welcome a potted tree or bush can be for someone special at holiday time. Planting trees in autumn? Shop online right now at FastGrowingTrees.

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