Q & A with Kate Turner author of “My Zero-Waste Kitchen”

By Shelley Pierce | August 27, 2017
Image by DK Books
by Shelley Pierce
August 27, 2017

Kate Turner is a food and lifestyle writer, gardener and author of numerous cookbooks. She grows much of her own food and loves to create deliciously healthy meals to share with her family and friends. She is a firm believer in the benefits of a simple zero-waste kitchen and can be found musing ideas for new recipes and wellbeing on her blog homegrownkate.com.

In her latest book, “My Zero-Waste Kitchen“, Kate shows readers how to find creative and unexpected ways to eliminate trash, save money, and give leftovers a new life.  Read on to learn more about this DK Books release and enter below to win one of two copies!

1. What does it mean to have a zero-waste kitchen and why should we aspire to have one?
Food waste is a huge global issue with far-reaching consequences for our planet. A zero-waste kitchen can help to redress that balance by encouraging sustainability through the three ‘R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle.

2. Is it easy to adopt a zero-waste mentality? Does it require a drastic change in our lifestyle? How does your book help us in the movement towards a zero-waste kitchen?
You’d be surprised what a big difference a few small, simple changes can make and you definitely don’t have to overhaul your kitchen to become a zero-waste hero. There are lots of tips and tricks in the book to show you how to plan ahead and shop wisely, save money, cook and eat delicious meals, store and freeze with savvy and tread more lightly on the planet.

3. Why would gardeners in particular have a deep appreciation for this book?
Most gardeners will already be adding leftover food to their compost heap and will appreciate that a zero-waste kitchen encourages the recycling of waste. They may be surprised to know that wine, shredded tea towels and tissues can also be added to the heap!

4. Your book is jam-packed with nifty and clever tips. What is one of your favorite tips from the book and why?
One of my favorite tips is how to grow new crops from old vegetable scraps. Who would have thought that lettuce cores and potato peelings could have such a successful second life!

5. What are some features of this book that readers will find particularly useful?
The recipes! There are loads of great ideas for using up food that would once have been considered waste. From eggshell smoothies to veg peel frittata, you can have a zero-waste meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6. Just how much can readers save on grocery store expenditures when following this book’s advice?
Saving money is just one of the benefits of a zero-waste kitchen and a really important one when you’re on a budget. Careful meal planning, clever storage and efficient cooking are all discussed in the book and will definitely help to reduce your grocery store bill.

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