Teaching Kids About The Importance Of Bees

By Nikki Tilley | September 1, 2019
by Nikki Tilley
September 1, 2019

With bee populations dwindling, it’s more important than ever to save them. Without the bees and other pollinators, there would be no food. Without food, we’d be in a heap of trouble ourselves. Learning about the importance of these beneficial insects is key to getting their numbers back up and keeping them that way. And it all starts with education, especially when teaching our little ones.

As a gardener, I know the importance of having bees in the garden and make sure to include plenty of flowers they love. As a grandmother, I want to instill a love of nature in my grand-babies so they, too, can provide for these insects for generations to come. One way I do this is through hands-on exploration in the garden, allowing them a chance to get up close and personal with plants that are growing and insects that are visiting. Another way I hope to accomplish this is through reading.

Bea’s Bees, from Katherine Pryor, is a great book that teaches children all about bees and how important they and other pollinators are. An educational story filled with fun facts, this is the perfect book to add to your child’s reading collection, especially those budding gardeners. It’s a great teaching tool for older kids, but I found it to be just as engaging for younger ones, as my grandson, still just a toddler, thoroughly enjoyed the colorful illustrations (by Ellie Peterson). He already has a fascination for flowers and insects, so this is a great way to explain the connection between them. As he grows and revisits this book, he will begin to understand the concept and, hopefully, take what he has learned and spread the word – bees are our friends and a play a vital role in the environment.

Kids are our future, and teaching them about bees and other pollinators is a good way to ensure a future for these insects too. Getting children interested with nature and pollinators while young will help them cultivate a natural love and respect for the bees, rather than being afraid of them. The garden is just one place to do this – a good book, like Bea’s Bees, is another.

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