The Frugal Gardener: How to Get Free Seed & Plant Catalogs By Mail

By Shelley Pierce | January 16, 2016
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by Shelley Pierce
January 16, 2016

The Frugal Gardener has returned!  In these cold winter months, most gardeners are thinking warm thoughts about their forthcoming spring gardens.  And, in my opinion, there is no better way to do this than burrowing into a seed catalog, circling things that fancy me and earmarking pages – I find it to be much more interactive and personal than staring at a computer.

Receiving and flipping through seed catalogs gives me a rush similar to what I felt as a child as I drafted my Christmas wish list from a bulky Sears catalog.  But – enough about my love of catalogs.  Experience the joy for yourself.

Below is a list of the seed and plant companies that will send you a print catalog in the mail FREE of charge.  A majority require you to fill out a standard web form with your name and mailing address and only a few require a phone call or e-mail.  And, I also accommodated those who prefer squinting at a computer screen via ‘Download’ links.  The list below is by no means comprehensive so, if I missed a few companies, please let me know in the comments below.  And, if you’d like to gush about your love of catalogs, please feel free to do that too. Also – check out my previous blog on free seed sources!

Adaptive Seeds: Print Catalog
Annie’s Annuals & Perennials: Print CatalogDownload
Antique Rose Emporium: Print Catalog | Download
B&D Lilies: Print Catalog
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: Print Catalog
Bluestone Perennials: Call the catalog line at 1 (800) 852-5243 | Print Catalog
Botanical Interests: Print Catalog | Download (PDF)
Bountiful Gardens: Print Catalog
Breck’s: Print Catalog
Brent and Becky’s: Print Catalog
Burgess Seed & Plant Co: Print Catalog
Burnt Ridge Nursery & Orchards: Print Catalog
Burpee: Print Catalog
Digging Dog Nursery: Print Catalog
Dixondale Farms: Print Catalog | Download
Dutch Gardens: Print Catalog
Exciting Gardens: Print Catalog
Fedco Seeds: Call the catalog line at (207) 426-0090 | Download
Florabunda Seeds: Call the catalog line at (705) 295-6440 or Email | Download (PDF)
Forest Farm: Print Catalog | Download (PDF)
Four Seasons Nursery: Print Catalog | Download
Gardens Alive: Print Catalog
Gilbert H. Wild & Son: Print Catalog
Gurneys: Print Catalog
Harris Seeds: Print Catalog | Download
Henry Field’s Seed & Nursery Co: Print Catalog
High Country Gardens: Print Catalog
High Mowing Organic Seeds: Print Catalog | Download (PDF)
HPS Seeds: Print Catalog | Download
Hudson Valley Seed Library: Print Catalog
Indiana Berry: Print Catalog
Irish Eyes Garden Seeds: Call the catalog line at (509) 933-7150 or Email
Jackson & Perkins: Print Catalog
J.L. Hudson, Seedsman: Request via E-mail
John Scheeper’s Beauty from Bulbs: Print Catalog | Download
John Scheeper’s Kitchen Garden Seeds: Print Catalog
Johnny’s Selected Seeds: Print Catalog | Download
Jung Seed: Print Catalog | Download
K. Van Bourgondien & Sons: Print Catalog
King’s Mums: Request via E-mail
Kitazawa Seed Company: Print Catalog | Download (PDF)
Logee’s Plants: Print Catalog | Download
Michigan Bulb: Print Catalog
Morgan County Seeds: Print Catalog
NE Seeds: Print Catalog | Download
Oakes Daylilies: Print Catalog | Download
One Green World: Print Catalog
Online Greenhouse: Print Catalog
Outstanding Seed Company, LLC: Print Catalog
Park Seed: Print Catalog | Download
Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply: Print Catalog | Download
Pepper Joes: Print Catalog | Download (PDF)
Pine Tree Garden Seeds: Print Catalog
Plant Delights Nursery: Print Catalog | Download
Potato Garden: Print Catalog | Download
Prairie Nursery: Print Catalog | Download
Raintree Nursery: Print Catalog | Download (PDF)
R.H. Shumway’s: Print Catalog | Download
Redwood City Seed Co: Call the catalog line at (650) 325-7333 | Download (PDF)
Richter’s: Print Catalog | Download (PDF)
Seed Savers Exchange: Print Catalog | Download (PDF)
Seeds from Italy: Print Catalog | Download (PDF)
Seeds ‘n Such: Print Catalog | Download (PDF)
Seeds of Change: Print Catalog | Download (PDF)
Select Seeds: Print Catalog
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange: Print Catalog | Download (PDF)
Sow True Seed: Print Catalog
Spring Hill Nursery: Print Catalog
Stark Bros: Print Catalog
Stoke Seeds: Print Catalog

Swan Island Dahlias: Print Catalog
Territorial Seed Company: Print Catalog
Tomato Grower’s Supply Company: Print Catalog
Totally Tomatoes: Print Catalog | Download
Tulip World: Print Catalog Print Catalog
Uprising Seeds: Print Catalog
Urban Farm: Print Catalog
Van Engelen: Print Catalog | Download
Vermont Bean Seed Company: Print Catalog | Download
Vermont Wildflower Farm: Request via Email | Download (PDF)
Veseys: Print Catalog
Wayside Gardens: Print Catalog | Download
White Flower Farm: Print Catalog | Download
Wild Garden Seed: Print Catalog
Wildseed Farms: Print Catalog
Willhite Seed: Print Catalog
Wood Prairie Farm: Print Catalog

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  • Seed Saver
    Comment added October 17, 2016Reply

    Why buy seeds, when you can find them on for free.

    If you have seeds to trade, you can trade in The Seed Exchange on Gardenweb - look it up

  • Vickie Prenatt
    Comment added January 21, 2016Reply


  • Erik van den Ham
    Comment added January 19, 2016Reply

    The free online catalog of the Dutch seed firm Cruydt Hoeck can be viewed online and also downloaded

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