Gardening Know How Awards First Annual Garden Sponsorship

By Shelley Pierce | November 1, 2015
by Shelley Pierce
November 1, 2015

Gardening Know How awarded its first annual garden sponsorship on October 19, 2015 in the amount of $5,000 to the Glendale Primary School Discovery Garden in Bedford, Ohio.  This sponsorship will enrich educational opportunities for Glendale’s Pre-K through third grade students as well as enhance the school’s gardening club.

The Glendale Primary School Discovery Garden has evolved tremendously since 1994, when teachers developed the area as a pumpkin patch.  This garden, beyond the borders of the school’s playground, has transformed over the years into an authentic and beautiful learning environment for Glendale Primary School’s 500+ students and has served as a venue for science, math, reading and art lessons all year long.

glendale-garden-pumpkin-hunt2Annual Pumpkin Hunt for the preschool kids in the Glendale Primary School Discovery Garden Mulch, a new composter and tools are just a few of the many gardening supplies to be purchased with the funds. A learning amphitheater will also be added to the garden landscape, which already features a pond with waterfall, wetlands, and planting boxes.  The learning amphitheater will provide a place for teachers to give gardening-related lessons and for children to perform skits and presentations.
Each spring a garden theme is chosen for the planting boxes and the gardening activities begin, which impart valuable knowledge about the environment, agriculture and basic science. Through the efforts of students, staff and families, the garden is tended to diligently during the spring and summer months and, at the conclusion of the growing season, the produce from the garden is eaten in a special fall harvest celebration.  If you are a school or community garden and are interested in learning more about the Gardening Know How sponsorship program, please visit  glendale-garden-pumpkin-huntAnnual Pumpkin Hunt for the preschool kids in the Glendale Primary School Discovery Garden


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