2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide

By Shelley Pierce | June 6, 2018
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by Shelley Pierce
June 6, 2018

It’s almost time for Father’s Day!  With this collection of really unique gardening gift ideas, you will be able to find Dad the perfect gift!

Doyle’s Thornless Blackberries (ARV $20 per plant) are a gardener’s delight, producing 10 times as many berries as ordinary blackberry plants. Yields of 10-20 gallons (1-2 bushels) per plant have been realized with fruit in large bunches of 10 to 30 large, sweet, juicy berries. Moms in all 50 states in USDA zones 3-10, as well as Canada, can grow these plants. Doyle’s Thornless Blackberry plants generally produce fruit from early July into September with peak production between Mid July and Mid August. This is a trailing disease-resilient blackberry that can grow up to 40 foot long canes and must be trellised. This plant can double as an ornamental with its huge pop-pom like flowers.

Versatile fertilizer to help keep all your gardens thriving!  Garden Maker™ Naturals Luscious Lawn & Garden is an alfalfa-based all-purpose blend for potted plants, lawns, vegetables, herbs, rose & flower gardens. In addition to strong nitrogen and potassium levels for green growth and hardiness, this formula includes the natural root stimulant triacontanol and other key trace nutrients.  Available in 10 and 40 lb packages shipped directly to your doorstep.  Visit www.gardenmaker.com to learn more.

Dad will enjoy growing all his favorite plants in Natural Cedar Raised Garden Beds from EarthEasy.  These raised beds are sturdy, easy-to-assemble and made in the USA from durable and naturally rot-resistant Oregon grown cedar. Each raised bed is coated with a non-toxic waterproof sealant, which extends the natural lifespan of the wood. The corners are half-lapped and secured with rust-proof metal rods, which keep the corners from working loose. It’s easy to stack the boards to build raised beds in many different heights.

Could dad use a little extra assistance in the garden? The Gardener’s Hollow Leg is the debris and harvesting bag that you wear! It’s a fabric sack made of water resistant, recycled polyester that has a belt attached. It comes in 1-gallon and 5-gallon sizes. The belt expands from 30″ to 52″. It’s ideal for light pruning, deadheading, spot-weeding, fruit and vegetable harvesting and general neatening. With a clipper holster slipped onto the belt, your hands will always be free to do other tasks. The patented ring-opening at the top makes it easy to drop your clippings into the sack and easy to empty using the fabric handle at the bottom. The Gardener’s Hollow Leg goes where you go, moving around bushes and deep in plant beds. There are no more piles of clippings to clean up at the end of the day and no more five-gallon buckets that are never where you need them! Safer for ladder tasks, too.

If bird-watching is a favorite pastime for dad then you want to gift him The Squirrel Buster Plus from Brome Bird Care Inc., a deluxe 100% squirrel-proof wild bird feeder. It holds 5.2lbs of seed and is equipped with a Free Cardinal Ring to attract Northern Cardinals. Like all of Brome Bird Care Inc. products, this feeder comes with Lifetime Care – they will replace damaged and lost parts for free. The in-built Seed Ventilation System helps the seed stay fresher which attracts more birds. The Weight Adjustable Mechanism allows you to control which size birds you want to feed at your Squirrel Buster Plus. The parts exposed to squirrels are made out of a patented 100% chew-proof material RoxResin. A number of accessories is available for this model: a Pole Adapter, a Weather Guard and a Seed Buster.


Help dad put the fun back into mowing the lawn this season with the new the Yardworks 160CC 3-in-1 AWD Mower with Honda Engine.  Features a premium and powerful Honda 160CC engine, an effortless all wheel self-propelled system and a 3-in-1 design that lets you switch between mulch, side discharge and rear bag discharge with a simple switch!

Help dad keep his yard looking pristine with the Yardworks Grass Trimmer and Blower Combo Pack.  The convenience of two awesome tools in one pack!  The battery is interchangeable between both Grass Trimmer and Blower/Sweeper allowing you to easily to trim your grass and then sweep the clippings.  Both tools are lightweight and cordless for easy use!

Give dad an organic mosquito killer kit so he can enjoy his time outdoors.  Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. Brown Bread Mozzie is developed to kill mosquitoes by luring them to lay their eggs in standing water that is laced with a bacteria in the soil that is toxic for mosquito larvae, but safe for everything else. Mosquito larvae drink the laced water and their guts explode, which makes for a mosquito-free yard. Each kit covers up to an acre.

If dad is working with a chainsaw, log splitter, or portable sawmill, the new and patented LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool will be “like a second set of hands” for him. Continually bending over to pick up log rounds and load a splitter puts painful strain on your back, that can even lead to injury. The ergonomic LogOX design lets you quickly do this without the need to bend over. Add the included cant hook handle extension and timberjack T-bar attachments and gain additional leverage to roll over or lift and cut logs, with less risk of dangerous kickbacks or damaging your chain on the ground. The Forester Package also includes a Hauler Holster, pickaroon attachment, and a sturdy bag to transport it in. Made in USA from hollow frame steel with a lifetime warranty, and now $10 off with promo code GARDEN at checkout.

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