Gardening Product Roundup: Carts

By Shelley Pierce | May 1, 2018
by Shelley Pierce
May 1, 2018

One of the most essential gardening tools is the garden cart or wheelbarrow.  Without them, gardening tasks would take much longer, be back breaking or be near impossible to perform.  In other words, garden carts and wheelbarrows help keep gardening fun and easy, just as it should be!  Below is an overview of some options that you may want to review and consider when you’re looking to get another handy hauler.

Lehman’s recently gave Gardening Know How the opportunity to test drive one of their Extra Large Practical Garden Carts, made by Carts Vermont. As the name of the maker suggests, this cart was made in Vermont, U.S.A. and the materials (1/2″³ exterior grade plywood, galvanized and plated steel components) seemed to be very high quality, lending the cart strength and even rust resistance. The assembly of this cart took under an hour (with no missing parts – how refreshing!) and, while it was put together by two people, it was noted that it could have easily been accomplished by one. The instructions were easy to understand and no major hiccups or aggravations were experienced during the assembly. Winter was not kind to the trees in our area, particularly after an unexpected April snow storm which broke several tree limbs weighted down by heavy snow. This cart was used to haul away the collateral damage from that storm and some of the tree limbs were very heavy, much too heavy to be carried or dragged any great distance. One of the best things about this cart is that it is high-walled, enabling the transport of more branches and tree limbs per load, saving lots of time. It was also easy to pull, even with all the weight on it (and the Extra Large cart can handle up to 400 lbs), due to the tall, heavy duty, steel wheels, which are designed to provide stability and a smooth transport on varied landscapes.

Because of its perfect balance and rugged materials, the sturdy Garden Cart from EZ-Haul Carts is perfect for lawn and gardening. This cart consists of a UV-protected, heavy duty polyethylene tub, corrosion resistant zinc-plated steel frame and steel wheels with ball bearings for a durable cart that will last for many years of frequent use. The 5.5 cubic foot tub measures 36″L x 24″W x 13″D with a load capacity of 250 lbs.  Available in blue or green with choice of wheel (6″ tire/tube or 15″ flat proof rib tire).


Mighty Max Double Decker Garden carts  are a great choice for gardeners due to their versatility. The tub (30″L x 18.25″W x 6″H) can be elevated with the provided cargo wall attachments, creating extra space underneath to transport bags of potting soil, mulch, etc.  A flatbed configuration (expandable up to 38″ L) is possible by detaching the removable cargo walls and tub .  Tubs can be stacked up to 3 high (1 tub included; rest sold separately) and, with an optional hitch assembly, two or more carts can be connected together.  The sturdy 6-inch tub carries 1/3 cubic yard of sand, gravel, dirt or mulch and has the ability to tilt, offering a cart and wheelbarrow in one!  This cart assembly may be a lightweight at 23 lbs but it is a heavyweight when it comes to hauling as it can accommodate a load up to 300 lbs.  And, with heavy duty solid rubber wheels, it will offer a smooth ride over any terrain.  All Mighty Max products are Made In America, 100% recyclable, and come with a 2-Year Parts Warranty.

The Easy Haul Flat Bed Cart from Simplay3 is the carry-all companion to haul almost anything almost anywhere! The extra long handle and 2 large wheels make this flatbed easy to maneuver, and its durable plastic construction offers years of use. The handle can be removed for efficient storage or easy transport. Whether you’re landscaping, carrying equipment to the soccer field or hauling wood to the house, this lightweight cart easily moves the heaviest of loads up to 200 lbs without losing maneuverability.  Best of all, this easy haul flat bed cart was designed to last, being rust resistant.
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