Gardening Product Roundup: Pruners

By Shelley Pierce | March 27, 2018
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by Shelley Pierce
March 27, 2018

Are your old gardening tools breaking down, unreliable or simply uncomfortable to use? Well, then it’s time to get something shiny and new! We will periodically be offering product features intended to help you find a gardening gadget that’s right for you. This month we are taking a close look at some of the pruners currently available on the market. Pruners are vital for maintaining plant health, growth and appearance and, as such, are heavily used and in need of being frequently replaced. Below is an overview of some pruners that you may want to review and consider when your pruners are ready to be retired.

If you’re seeking comfort while performing your gardening tasks you will want to add bypass pruning shears from Cate’s Garden to your essential gardening tool collection. These workhorse pruners feature a lightweight aluminum body in a curved, ergonomic shape with built-in anti-slip cushioning that prevent strain and painful twisting of your wrists. With 45 degree angled high carbon steel blades that accommodate a 3/4 inch cutting diameter, you will achieve that perfect, clean cut on all your roses, vegetables, perennials and small shrubs. Your cutting action will also be kept smooth and non-sticky due to a sap groove on the lower blade edge.


These KST103 Secateurs from Arthur & Strange Ltd. are from Okatsuna, a leading Japanese brand renowned for high quality pruning equipment. These pruners may be light-weight and easy to handle but are heavy-weights when it comes to their consistently sharp and clean pruning cuts from ultra strong, sharp blades made from the highest quality steel.  If you are prone to misplacing your garden tools you will want to take note of this pruner’s distinctive eye-catching red and white handles, which will make them easy to spot if you do happen to set them down.  The cutting action of these secateurs is smooth with minimum resistance due to a unique spring design which means less fatigue for the gardener.   Shipping to UK addresses only.  The products sold on Arthur & Strange Ltd are used, tested and recommended by a professional gardener with 35 years of experience who served as a Senior Gardener to HRH the Prince of Wales at Highgrove.

EnduroPRO pruning shears from Haus & Garten are the choice for comfort when pruning over extended periods of time. The vertical inclined cutting head and unique shape of the pruner & handles help reduce the risk of wrist injuries and hand fatigue, meaning less force is required when cutting. Durable & strong over extensive use, this heavy duty titanium blade pruner has excellent cutting power up to 1.0 inches, making it ideal for removing tree branches, pruning perennials & roses, deadheading, trimming shrubs, and maintaining fruit trees. Best fit for medium to large hands, it is an essential garden tool for every avid home gardener & professional!

PrecisionPRO pruning shears from Haus & Garten are your choice for everyday light pruning. Engineered for smaller to medium size hands, the inclined cutting blade cuts up to 0.8 inches and enables you to reach inner branches with more maneuverability & ease allowing for much faster pruning of dense plantings & general pruning. This Titanium blade pruner is unbelievably sharp and effortless to prune roses, vines, small bushes & shaping of shrubs. Lightweight to carry around but has the strength to tackle day-to-day pruning, it’s a must have garden tool that every avid gardener & professional should have.

Made for professional & home use, these ClassicPRO Pruning Shears from Haus & Garten are the ideal choice for your toughest gardening challenges. Built for hard use, these titanium blade pruning shears have a smooth, precise cutting action and are designed to deliver maximum force with minimum pressure. They are strong and powerful to tackle tree branches, shrubs, hedges & orchards, while still precise enough for the most delicate pruning of rose stems, bonsai, ornamentals and flowers.

Landscape Tools LLC offers only the finest grade of tools and the Pkg-9 pole pruner package is no exception. The largest tree companies in the United States and Canada use Marvin pole pruners on a daily basis. Up to 12 feet of reach is possible with this professional pole pruning package. The package includes a PH4 pruner head, rope and (2) 6′ fiberglass poles.

The 3-Stage Ratchet Pruners from Gardener’s Friend are designed built for people will mild to moderate hand mobility issues caused by age, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or other issues impacting the use of one’s hands or wrists.  They are built with a simple ratchet mechanism which requires a fraction of the hand pressure required to operate conventional pruners.  Used by gardeners and nursery growers all over the world, these pain-free, safe and simple pruners are perfect for trimming flowers, trees and shrubs with branches up to 1 inch thick.

The Tough Hand Pruner from Wicked Tree Gear features a forged aluminum construction with an ergonomic yellow rubber grip.  Their heavy duty construction makes them rugged enough to cut into branches up to 1 inch in diameter and, with a replaceable blade, they have now become the last pruners you will ever need!

Known as the pocket pruner for a reason: the ARS (Always Really Sharp) HP-130DX  from Wood Avenue is a very compact unit. This pruner features super sharp, precision ground blades made from Marquench hardened high carbon steel to stay sharp an incredibly long time! Ideal for pruning stems, stalks and branches. New ergonomic design permits a wide blade opening with a comparatively small grip opening. Hard-chrome plating for extra tough rust-resistant, wipe clean blades. The full wire coil spring is actually anchored in the handles – no worry about springs popping out while in use! This 7″ Pruner is ideal for smaller hands and is available in 6 attractive colors: Red and pastels: Violet, Ivory, Pink, Yellow, and Mint Green.

The ARS (Always Really Sharp) Signature heavy duty pruner from Wood Avenue stays razor sharp an incredibly long time courtesy of a Marquench hardened high carbon tool steel blade. The blades are hard-chrome plated to resist rust and sap, keeping the cuts smooth and clean. The full wire coil spring is actually anchored in the handles – no worry about springs popping out while in use! The offset blade keeps the action in the natural line of your wrist and arm to get the best cut with minimal force and fatigue.  Best of all, the simple locking mechanism allows you to simply squeeze the handles together to release the blades and features an easy thumb trigger to lock them shut. Available in 3 sizes to maximize the ergonomic benefits: 7″ for smaller hands, 8″ for regular hands, and 9″ for larger hands.

Barnel B7 Hi-Tech Pruners from The Rose Gardener are lightweight, hi-tech pruners designed for use by both right and left-handed gardeners. The B7 pruner effortlessly makes 3/4 inch cuts via Japanese cold-tempered steel blades which stay sharp with infrequent sharpening. The B7 features a 2-step lock that allows the user to make easy and small, quick cuts without stretching the hand wide, making this an ideal pruner for gardeners with smaller hands.  Users will love the self-oiling feature that allows this pruner to operate smoothly with occasional fill ups of the oil reservoir.

The 28 – 40 inch Extendable Anvil Razor-Edge Pruning Lopper from Kseibi Tools is a heavy duty tool with powerful leverage that cuts effortlessly through 2″ branches and saplings. With a forged SK5 hardened steel blade coated with non-stick TEFLON, your loppers are designed to resist blade wear and corrosion. Adjust the length from 28 to 40 inch range with the push of a button and ensure a safe trimming operation via a thumb release Lock button.
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